Exams and Holiday Cheer

well hello again, the months seem to go by more quickly as the semester progresses!
I can’t believe the first half of my final year at BU is over, it is going way to quickly. I wish i could pause time and “never graduate”. In between studying for my finals, I’ve tried to come to terms with the idea of some of my friends finishing their BU career this semester and it makes me look towards the next semester and how quickly it will go. It’s a tough thought to deal with, that the time here is almost over and eventually we all move on. But while talking to one of my friends who is leaving, she says that BU will be the most important part of her life so far, because without BU she wouldn’t have had the opportunities she did. Even though I’m sad that my last year is going so quickly, I plan on making sure it is the best, and I give back to the school which gave me so much.

Since my exams were spread out, I’ve had some time to bake this week for some of my friends who are piled under work. My apartment is a never ending source of holiday distractions and baked goods. The breaks to bake with friends or bake for them is a good way to distract me from being sad for people leaving, being home sick, and procrastinate. Cookies are the best way to survive exams, winter and the last final stretch until home. It’s hard to focus especially when half the school is done their exams but you can do it! Exams are stressful enough on their own, here are some tips to help you get through the last couple days:
1) take breaks, go on a walk, get water, read a newspaper. just take a break
2) gym. the gym is the best way to escape the library for a while and clear your head. plus exercise is good for the whole body! you’ll feel energized after
3) watch ONE holiday movie (if you can afford the 2 hours of time). grab those cookies, those special friends and bunker down one night for a night in and watch your favourite holiday movie. this will cure the homesickness and get you in the holiday spirit.
4) IF YOU NEED HELP ASK FOR IT…if you find yourself struggling through information, talk to other people in class or the prof before the exam. The profs are here to help you if you need it, just ask.

I’m back to the books and to the baking until my next exams. See you after the holidays BU HAVE A SAFE AND GOOD END TO THE YEAR 🙂

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