Excited but feeling the void.

I knew it was going to be weird to not go back to Bish after Christmas, but it’s a stranger feeling then I ever imagined. It’s hard to explain, but I keep thinking I’m suppose to be there right now and as though I’m missing out on my own life? Like I said- weird and hard to explain.

My break’s been awesome. I’ve spent time with friends (both from Bishop’s and Ottawa), travelled a bit and hung out with my family (who as I get older seem to get progressively more fun to be around).

My boyfriend (a Bishop’s grad) is climbing Mount Aconcagua in Argentina and gets home this week.  I’m going to Europe next Monday and Africa a few weeks after that– I have SO much to be excited about (and I am) but still, I’m missing Bishop’s and wanting to be there. 

This blog isn’t really going anywhere– and realistically, I should be packing right now but I felt the need to express this strange lost feeling of not being in Lennoxville with all my friends.  I’m about to embark on an amazing adventure but there’s no ignoring the little void in my life being away from Bishop’s.  I may just have to take a road trip this week…

Later Gaiters.

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