Raise a Toast, your next earworm

From the minute you set foot on campus, you will hear the singing of our adopted school song with the opening stanza, “Raise a toast, to Bishop’s University”. In reality, this was the Bishop’s marching or “fight” song that was composed by Gaiter Alumni John Piper (Class of 1965) for a short political satire entitled The Grate Escape staged during Winter Carnival in 1964. The actual school song is called Alma Mater and the tune was adapted by Rev. Sidney Mead from an old German folk song.

During Orientation Week, it is a tradition to walk down Harrold Drive at night and stop by the Principal’s house to sing this classic tune.


Need to practice the song before arriving on campus?
The 2017-2018 Recruitment Team decided to join forces for a heartfelt sing-along of this BU jam:


Raise a toast
to Bishop’s University,
on the Mighty Massawippi shore.
We’re conditioned to our fate,
we will never graduate,
we’ll stay here forever more.

College days will linger
ever in our hearts,
wearing gowns, raising hell,
and quaffing ale.
And we’ll show “esprit de corps”
as we watch our Gaiters roar
on to victory.

So raise our beer mugs
and your little brown jugs

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