(second) Home Sweet (second) Home

A month is a lot of time off from school.  Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not complaining.  I finished exams on December 5th, and left my hometown to venture back to Bishop’s on the 7th of January.


The break was the longest I’ve had…well, ever.  And what better time to be home?  You get to hang out with old friends that are done exams and thus have little to no work to do, enjoy the holiday season with family, and celebrate new year’s eve with most of the friends that you have grown up with (however, a new year’s eve at BU would be legendary).


These are the events and goings on that most students experience when they head home for the holidays.  My agenda was no different, however, the culmination to my break differed from most of my hometown companions.  While they dreaded returning to their home institutions of study, with the ‘winter blues’ that lay ahead, I couldn’t be more anxious to head back to BU for my final semester.  There are few times better than everyone returning to Bishop’s at once while there is little work to be done, combined with a lot of catching up to do, and that’s what I always look forward to, especially since this will be my graduating semester (pending the passing of my classes).  If I manage my school work, social life, and job, it has potential to be better than all the rest.  Nothing like going out with a bang.

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