The Questions You Want to Know the Answers to But Are Too Shy to Ask

The Questions You Want to Know the Answers to But Are Too Shy to Ask

Q: Do I need to bring my laptop to class?

A: Completely up to you. If your professor wants you to bring your computer to class, he/she will tell you. Some students prefer to use their computer for notes if the professor lectures, but in classes like math or science it is helpful to have a notebook with you to jot down equations and models/graphs.

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: First things first, go out and get your free agenda from the school. You will want to write down the due dates for assignments, projects, labs, and your exam dates. Another great one is different coloured pens. Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of students organize class notes by different color, whether it’s to sort out slide and professor notes, or to make multiple equation lines on a graph. At first I thought they were keening over achievers, but I gave it a try last semester and it made studying from my notes so much easier. Definitely bring your computer/notebook to class. You may think you can just sit there and absorb everything your professor is saying, but after about 20 minutes your brain will max out and you’ll be wishing you had brought it with you. A calculator and a few pencils never hurt anybody either.

Q: Where do I buy my books?

A: The easiest place to buy your books is in the campus bookstore, but it’s not necessarily the cheapest. The second your professor tells you which books you do and do not need, run down to the bookstore and search for the used books. If there are none left, don’t fret. Most professors will put copies of the text on reserve in the library, where they can be used for two hours at a time. You can also use amazon, or the BU used book exchange page on Facebook to get your books. If you want to have your books that very day and money isn’t too much of a concern, go ahead and buy the new copy. You’ll most likely be able to sell it back to the bookstore after the semester ends for a decent refund. If you’ve got a credit card, renting your textbooks from the bookstore is another great option, and the price can be reduced up to two-thirds of the sale price.

Q: Do I need to bring my text books to class?

A: Unless the professor specifically tells you to bring your book, then no. Chances are that you will not need it, and that’s a lot of extra weight to be carrying around in your back pack.


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