The Residence Leadership Community

The Residence Leadership Community

Alright future Gaiters – the application deadline is quickly approaching and the BU Incoming Class of 2013 page on Facebook is up and running, meaning we are getting ready to welcome you into our big purple family here in Lennoxville! After you have applied and been accepted, it will be time for the next big step – applying to live in Residence. A few weeks back, I wrote about living in rez and now I want to inform you of the special residence group that I am a part of, the Residence Leadership Community.

The Leadership Community is relatively new here; I think it’s about 3 years old. When you apply to live in rez, there will be an option to apply for the Leadership Community or the Eco Floor, also known as the “Living-Learning Programs.” From the applicants, a designated number are selected for each program and then the selected live together in the same block in one of the Newside buildings – Abbott or Khuener. This year, Leadership is in Abbott Block 2 and Eco-Floor is in Abbott Block 1. We do most of our activities together but are still considered two separate programs. There are also some non-members living in our blocks, but the hope is that the programs will continue to grow as more and more people take advantage of these great opportunities!

For the first event of the year, we were all invited to move into rez two days early, the Thursday before Labour Day weekend. We spent the Friday hiking up Mount Orford, which was a lot of fun, as it was the first time I climbed a mountain and it was something we got to do together. Following that, we had a dinner together in the Adams Dining Room, the “fancy” place to eat on campus. Two days later on the Sunday, we went on a nature walk on a local hiking path on which our RAs taught us the school song.

We have about two events each month and our second event for September was a trip to Coaticook to walk across one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, over top of the Coaticook Gorge. We also climbed up one of the lookout towers to look out over the area. Following that, we went out for ice cream on the way home.  The best part of these activities was really getting to know everyone in the community, relationships we might not otherwise have formed if we were not a part of this group.

In October, we had a “Balancing Your Life” presentation from Residence Life Coordinator John Page and in November, we had a Time Management workshop with another RLC Deb Langford. Later that month, I was nominated to represent the community on the first- and second-year Leadership Retreat, where I spent a weekend at the Orford Centre for the Arts with other rising leaders on campus. Three other people from the community were nominated to go and it was a great weekend – we did a lot of work with our Myers Brigg Personality Type Indicators, had a guest speaker who was an avid mountain climber, had a dinner at the Lennoxville Golf Club and did a lot of leadership and team building activities. I also got to meet and work with Dianne Houde and Sue Meesen, two very important women on campus. At this retreat, I learned a lot about myself and my own leadership style and had the chance to reflect on how I view the styles of others and how they might view mine. This was one of the highlights of my first semester and I highly recommend going on this retreat if the opportunity presents itself in your Bishop’s future!

In December, there was a lot going on so we didn’t have an event but when we came back in January, we had an Abbott Block 1 and 2 Reunion dinner, at which most of the attendees were Leadership and Eco Floor members. We also had a Myers Brigg Workshop, coordinated by the same person as on my leadership retreat, but it was interesting to do the activities with a new group of people because the outcomes were very different. Last week we had our first February event – “Snack and Speaker,” at which we had two speakers come to talk to us about their campus initiatives. The first speaker was a TC from NoPo, Laura (who also blogs for this project!) who talked about Inspirational Leadership and the importance of always remembering what and who inspires you (for me, it was family, friends and role models). The next speaker was a student who went on the Mae Sot Education Project, a six month volunteer project in Burma. Both were great and we really appreciated our fellow students taking time out of their busy schedules to come talk to us!

With the year quickly coming to a close, our RA Maria is planning one more big event for us, similar to our trips back in September but it has not been revealed to us yet! Also, when we come back from Reading Week, we have all been invited to the annual Leadership Dinner, which the invitation says will feature guests such as the Principal, alumni, faculty, staff, students from past Leadership Communities and SRC Executive members. There will also be awards given out for student leadership so I’ll let you know who the emerging leaders on campus are!

All in all, applying to be a part of the Leadership Community was one of the best decisions I made and I strongly encourage you to apply! Whether or not you consider yourself to be a leader does not matter – the community is about helping people find their place in the Bishop`s Community while providing them with applicable skills to use throughout their time here and in the rest of their lives. Being a part of this community has brought me many new friendships and campus role models while helping me to find where I fit in at my new school. As a bonus, you get a pretty purple t-shirt! So when you apply to residence, fill out the application for the Leadership Community! I promise that you won`t regret your decision!


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