Wanderlust, or something along those lines

Wanderlust, or something along those lines

I have a questionable habit of making major life decisions on a whim. Frankly, it’s how I ended up at Bishop’s, It’s how I ended up working in nowhere Ontario and It’s how I ended up going on exchange to Boise, Idaho. As you return from googling where Boise is –think mountains & expensive health care-, I would ask you to think about what you want to remember from your university experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bishop’s as much as the next absurdly dressed Gaiter, but this may be your last time you can ever do something like this (I’m looking at you, business majors).

Like the majority of people in the world, I never thought I’d end up in Idaho. However, as it turns out, Idaho’s pretty swell. I got to see some cool things (I’m from Toronto, we don’t have mountains), and I got to meet some cool new people. The best part is that it wasn’t even that expensive! Although my parents do love me, so I had that going for me.

There’s some cheesy adage out there stating that the journey is better than the destination. Although, this was probably written in the time before planes, it still has merit. There is something special about travel; there is something about it that can change who you are. Or at least make you a more interesting person to talk with.

As I struggle to peel my Provigo orange, I am reminded of how hard it is to leave what’s comfortable for us. I know it’s hard to leave Bishop’s and your friends behind, but you will go your separate ways at some point. You might as well get as much fun of these four years as you possibly can. Next year, you could be in Germany, France, Malta, etc. and think of all the great stories you may have to tell. For me, I get to listen to Potato related jokes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For those interested in exchange, there is an office in 210 McGreer. Also, here’s a link with more information.


Stay Golden, Bryden.

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