“Every Day I Wake Up On The Grind”

Those are some lyrics from the song “The Grind” by my new favourite band, Down With Webster, and they certainly rang pretty true over the last couple weeks, during the exam crunch. Unfortunately I ended up with five exams and that combined with the fact that I was incapacitated for a week with the appendix fiasco it all made for a hectic two weeks.
Although, I should point out that five exams seems to be a rarity. I’m not sure why, but I always seem to end up with more exams than everyone else I know, and all my politics classes seem to always be the last to finish. This year I could hardly complain though since I was done on the 11th, giving me practically a whole month off between semesters. Still, that month off pales in comparison to the friends I know who headed home on the 2nd or 3rd (I’m lookin at you Tory Davis).

Anyway, all exams periods are different, and mine could have been a lot worse, but everything was spaced out nicely, which made it manageable. I also found time to chill with the roommates, play some xbox and watch some classic comedies like “Canadian Bacon” and “Weekend at Bernie’s 2” (this movie is hilarious).

On the iTunes: The Roots – No album in particular, and I don’t have all their stuff, but I love certain songs, like: 100% Dundee, Act Too – The Love of My Life, In the Music, Long Time. I also recently found out The Roots are going to be the house band for Jimmy Fallon’s new talk show (once Conan O’Brien takes over Leno’s slot). Jimmy Fallon is a loser, and I can’t believe anyone would give him a 30 second commercial let alone a TV show, but hopefully The Roots can bring some class to it. They are also apparently still going to try and play shows, just more locally, like New York, Philly, etc.

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