18 Must-Have Items at Bishop’s

Move-In Day is quickly approaching!  Lauren Lambert, a third-year Business Administration, Human Resources Management Concentration major at Bishop’s University, compiled a list of must-have items you should bring with you to your first day on campus!

1. LOTS of Purple!
You can never have too many purple clothes or items. No matter how crazy it is, bring it! #BleedPurple

2. Headphones
Campus can be a loud place, and having these with you can easily make any place a study space.

3. Bluetooth Speaker
Whether it be getting ready to go to The Gait, movie nights or just hanging out with bunch of friends, this is a must have for dorm life.

4. Extension Cord/Power Bar
Plugs are sometimes not in the most convenient places, so having one of these around makes plugging in all your devices a lot easier.

5. Closet Organizer
Space is limited in residence, so make the most of what you have and get organized!

6. Costumes
There are tons of themed events and holidays going on at BU all year long. Whether it be Halloween, Happy Hour, or Gait Night, there is always an excuse to wear a crazy costume.

7. Fanny Pack
Sure, it sounds a little strange, but it’s the easiest way to carry your stuff around during Orientation Week or a night out.

8. Cards / Games
A great way to entertain a bunch of friends on cold winter nights.

9. Retro Snowsuit
When all the snow hits, Winterfest is the best time to break out your wacky retro snow gear.

Photo credit : Jacob Gerlofs

10. Polaroid / Disposable Camera
Capture all your amazing memories in a way that you can later use to decorate your dorm room!

11. Blankets
It gets cold in the wintertime, and having a couple of blankets makes it a bit cozier.

12. Kettle / Keurig
If you’re not a morning person, investing in one of these is perfect: you don’t even have to leave your room for that morning coffee.

13. Slippers
A comfy way of getting around residence without having to put on actual shoes!

14. Body Pillow
A convenient way to change your dorm room bed into a makeshift couch for movie nights.

15. Umbrella
Much-needed item to keep dry during the rainy season when you forget to check the forecast.

16. Travel Mug
On those rushed Monday mornings, having a travel mug is the perfect way to carry that much-needed
coffee or tea to class.

17. Fan
Sometimes the heat of summer and early fall is a bit too warm, and having a fan just makes living in residence that much cooler.

18. Rain Boots
To keep your feet dry during the mud seasons that arrive twice a year – right before the snow arrives and after it departs.

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