18 things I wish I knew in my first year

The first year of university is an exciting time but also scary. There are many changes to your daily routine and there are so many new things that may or may not be familiar to you. But don’t worry! We are here to help make the transition easier. Rachel McNamara, a 3rd year Drama Honors and Arts Administration student, has put together a list of things she wish she knew in her first year so you can feel reassured that this new chapter in your life is going to be smooth.

Try everything: different classes, activities, etc.
There’s so much to choose from and you really can’t go wrong. It’s the best way to discover yourself and find your passions. Who knows, you could find a minor or even switch majors! And don’t worry, it’s easy to switch programs if you’re on the fence.

Discover what the community does for you
A number of churches in the community provide free student suppers every week! And yes, it’s just as great as it sounds: we’re talking lasagnas, shepherd’s pie, mac & cheese, vegetarian chili, and don’t forget desserts! It really is like Mom’s home cooking away from home.

Don’t be afraid of the bus
The Sherbrooke bus service can help you discover a whole town just minutes away! You can see super cheap movies at La Maison du Cinema, eat at delicious restaurants, go rock-climbing…the options are nearly endless! There is even a Limocar bus stop on campus. This means that a coach bus can pick you up on Friday, drive you to Montreal, and bring you back to campus Sunday evening!

Domino’s Pizza delivers on campus
When you really need that late-night deliciousness.

The porter’s office is magical
You can get anything delivered!

It’s easy to start a club of your own
Don’t sweat it! If we don’t have it, you can create it yourself.

Wait until classes start before buying your textbooks
We know you’re excited to get started, but editions might change, or you may decide to switch classes.

Looking for drama?
Anyone can get involved in the theatre festivals, even first year students. New Plays and TheatreActiv happen in the first month of the Fall and Winter semesters, and are a great opportunity to get onstage, or even backstage! The Drama department is always looking for people to help out in tech, costumes, set building and painting, and so much more.

Don’t be afraid to reach out
We have a lot of resources to help you adapt to life on campus, not to mention your friends and profs. Get to know them, and let them know how passionate you are!

Bring (at least) three costumes
Halloween is such a hit at Bishop’s, it actually spans the entire weekend. Get ready to show off your spookiest self!

Bring posters
Decorating your room is a huge part of making it feel more like your home away from home. A few posters or even pictures of friends will go a long way to help dress your room to the nines.

Bring something fancy
You may end up in a conference with the Principal, an impromptu job interview, or at Gait Gatsby. Always be prepared to look your finest!

You can take a weekend off
Go to Montreal, Québec City, Ottawa, back home, or even take a quick trip to the States. Take some time off from those assignments and explore all of the beautiful cities around you.

Don’t be afraid to say “no”
We all need to sleep! Don’t be shy to take a break. A big change like university can be overwhelming, so take your time and take care of yourself.

Call your parents once a week– even if it’s just to check in
It’s nice to catch up with family, and to share everything that’s been happening in your life. Who knows, they might even mail you some surprises!

Bring your passport
You never know when an impromptu trip to the States will pop up! BU is just an hour and a half from the border to the States and Jay Peak for some amazing skiing or snowboarding, a four-hour drive to Boston, or even a seven-hour trip to New York City.

Don’t stress about making friends
That’s was O-Week is for! You’ll get the chance to meet so many people over the week and through different activities going on during the year. Get ready to say “hi” to at least a dozen people on your way to and from class!

Never. Too. Much. Purple.
Bishop’s is where we all come together and become part of a huge, amazing purple family!

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