Meet Rose Schwinghamer!

Meet Rose Schwinghamer!

I think it’s finally time for me to spill all the beans about Bishop’s University and the Biology Program here. The truth is, Bishop’s is the best university in the world, and the biology program here could not be more creative, intense or personalized. My name is Rose Schwinghamer and I am a third year Biology student. I started my major in Diversity, Form and Function but I believe it is now called Life Sciences. A few hours ago, I finished my final application to Veterinary Medicine in the States and I think Bishop’s has prepared me well for my future studies and the world beyond. Before we continue with where I want to go and what I want to accomplish, let me tell you a bit about how I ended up here at this wonderful university I call home.

I was born and raised in Montreal, QQ. I went to Royal Vale High School and Dawson College for CEGEP. While in high school, I excelled academically and at track and field. When I arrived at Dawson College, I founded and was captain of the Dawson College Track and Field Team. I absolutely loved running, and had a whole plan set out where I would go to vet school and become an Olympic runner and everything in my life would work out perfectly. Life had other plans though, and I incurred stress fractures in all five of my metatarsals in my left foot. With my running plans shot, I was disoriented. I had already applied to McGill and University of Montreal for Kinesiology, Biomedical Sciences, and Physio and had been accepted. I had also applied to veterinary medicine at Montreal and had missed acceptance by a few points. At this point I was pretty down about life. On top of it, my parents had found a three-legged kitten for me to foster while its leg healed and I waited out my own foot’s healing, but it died. With all my luck run out, I did what all reckless teenagers do. I bought a horse, and skipped town.

I loved Montreal, but I loved being in the country even more. I enjoy small, tight-knit communities, fresh air and wildlife. I had wanted to find a university that would let me relax; a place where I could grow as an individual and enjoy the fresh air at the same time. A friend of mine had mentioned that I should go look at Bishop’s, and that I might find what I was looking for where I hadn’t even considered. I had ridden for years and always wanted a mount of my own so I figured if not now, when? Bishop’s could offer me everything I wanted.  It all happened very fast, I decided I was leaving Montreal, saw the BU campus, met a few students, applied, was accepted, and had a horse shipped to me from 2000 km across the country.

A few months later I walked in to rez. Little did I know I would soon meet my best friends, a veterinarian who I owe the world to, and professors who have opened my mind as well as changed my way of thinking. I had found my place, Bishop’s University.

I’ll see you soon fellow Gaiters, for now my pillow awaits me.



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