Meet Lara Willis!

Hey BU!

My name is Lara and I’m a 3rd year student at Bishop’s studying Secondary Education, Double Major with Social Studies. It basically means I’m here to learn how to become a high school history teacher! This is my second-to-last year here and so far I’ve had a fantastic Bishop’s experience. I spent my first year living in Kuehner residence and loved it so much that I decided to become an RA (Resident Assistant) the next year. I moved into Paterson in fall 2011 and really enjoyed my time working to welcome new students that I decided to pursue that interest into this year (fall 2012) as the TC (Team Coordinator). I’ve been assigned back to my roots in Kuehner and now I live in this awesome 70’s style apartment where I spend my time helping out students as well as my team of RAs who are either new to the residence life staff or who have been around and sometimes need a little helping hand.

September was a crazy month in residence! Obviously we had our big welcome weekend where everyone moved in. For Rez Life Staff, that means we are running around in purple polos meeting parents, running up stairs, unlocking doors and getting to know a bit about every new face on campus! It’s a great first impression for those who have never been to the campus and it’s also a way for parents to get an idea what sort of community their oh-so-grown-up children are now taking part in.

My rez team wanted to give our residents a huge welcome and so after orientation week, we organized a crazy afternoon which included a BBQ and Kool-Aid Commando. It’s basically a capture the flag game with water guns filled with kool-aid of different colours. There must have been about 80 or so of our residents running around with water guns, tipping over picnic tables behind Dewies and having the time of their lives! We followed that with a warm water slip ‘n’ slide because it was a chilly fall day. And this was all just one sunny Sunday afternoon in September!

 The following week, we organized a 2am poutine party in one of the RA apartments, where at least 75 people came over from the bar in town or who had set an alarm to make sure they could get up in time to grab a bite to eat. Many of them had not yet eaten Quebec’s famous fries, cheese, and gravy combo! Mmm Mmmmm it was so good! Unfortunately, we ran out of food as we had not been anticipating such a large crowd! There were even students from other buildings who came over because they were hoping to snag a late-night snack.

Over Thanksgiving and I was able to head home (I’m from Hudson – just west of Montreal) for some delicious food and catching up with friends and family. It’s always exciting to come back to Bishop’s after being away for a short while. Now that it’s my third year, Bishop’s truly is a home away from home and it’s always a reunion with friends even when you’ve only been gone for a weekend.


‘Til next time BU!


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