A Frosh Perspective

Hey Everyone!
My name is Erica Zucker and I am a first year here at Bishop’s! I am currently taking a double major in Educational Studies and Elementary Education with a minor in French. I come from Hamilton, Ontario, which is a city about an hour south of Toronto! While I hope that everyone enjoys reading my blogs, I am directing these posts towards all of you who are prospective Gaiters who are looking for some insight into the BU experience!
So why Bishop’s?

As I mentioned before, I am a student in the Education school here at Bishop’s. When I was applying to schools, I focused primarily on ones with Concurrent Education programs so that I could take both a B.A. and a B.Ed. I had actually never heard of Bishop’s until I went to the Ontario University Fair, which is a big fair held every year in Toronto at which universities from all over the country set up booths and presentations and students from all over the province come to get information on their prospective schools. As we were walking into the fair, my mom told me to go up to every booth and ask if they had concurrent education programs. So, that is exactly what I did and the first school I talked to was Bishop’s. 5 months later I came for a campus tour and one year later, here I am today.
Life on Campus

So far, I have loved every minute of my time here at school! I am busy all of the time (in a good way!) and I am always having fun! I live on campus in the Abbott residence in what is called a bog-style room. Before school started, I applied to a part of the Residence Leadership Community so my block is made up of primarily other community members. As a part of this community, we do a lot of team building and workshops that are aimed to prepare us to be on campus leaders during our time here at school as well as give us skills for life. Some of the activities that we have done so far include a climb up Mount Orford, a “Balancing Your Life” seminar, a time management workshop and a suspension bridge climb. I highly recommend applying to be a part of this community because it will only add to the great experience you will have here at BU!

Endless Opportunities
The Leadership Community is just one example of the amazing things Bishop’s has to offer. If you’ve read or heard anything about Bishop’s, I’m sure small classes and strong relationships with profs have come up. But truthfully, the university experience is what YOU make it and that’s true about whatever school you go to. You choose who you form friendships and relationships with, what clubs you get involved with, the parties you go to. For me, I personally love being involved in school life and that includes everything from Orientation Week to academic clubs. I am so happy that I chose to come here for my university education and I can’t wait for everything still to come!
A Glimpse at My First Three Months:
True to the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” I put together a small collage of some of the things I have done since being here. The photos include my mountain climb, Orientation Week, Homecoming, Halloween and my most recent Leadership Retreat! If you want to hear more about my first year experience so far, you can check out my personal blog at http://mylifeatbishops.blogspot.ca/

You’ll hear from me again soon! Later Gaiters!
Erica ☺

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