Welcome back to the Drama Department!

Hey Gaiters,


Welcome Back! I cannot believe it has been a month since we’ve all been at Bishop’s. I also can’t believe I’m a second year and no longer a rookie on the dance team.


I had a very long, but awesome summer; four months is just a very long time. I’m sure most people can agree that by June, we were so ready to come back. I loved being at home and seeing old friends, but there is nothing like the spirit of BU.


Over the summer I was the assistant director for SMiLeS summer camp near my home. It was an awesome job. Especially for me wanting to be an elementary teacher- working with kids all summer was such an awesome experience for me and I learned so much.


Being back at BU has been super busy so far. I got myself involved stage-managing again, this year as part of the new plays festival. It’s a three week intense process. Auditions during frosh week, then rehersals, then tech week and then just finished our last performance on Sunday. I stage-managed a play called “Age, Sex, Location”. The play was about the cyber world specifically an online chat room- very funny. This experience is really cool as it’s completely student run: Student written, student directed, student acted and students do all of the organization and back stage stuff too. I had tons of fun working as a part of this festival and it’s kind of bitter sweet that it is all over. BU drama is definitely something everyone should consider getting involved in!


Best of luck this semester Gaiters!





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