Did someone say Graduation?

Since I began my final year at Bishop’s, the questions, “Do you know what you’re doing when you graduate? Will you stay or move back to the West coast,” has followed me around daily. For six and a half months now, I’ve been constantly stressed, but eager to see where my next adventure begins. I began the job search late December, sending out my resume to any job posting that might resonate with my experience. So far, no concrete plans for May 1st 2014.

Every time an email preview that started off with “We’re sorry, Vanessa,” or “Thanks for your interest, but….” landed in my inbox, my confidence in my future, and myself took a little hit. Most of these rejection e-mails don’t hurt. Usually, by the next day I’d forgotten about them. However, the fear of “failure,” overpowered any rejection. I just kept on revising and applying.

This process repeated itself until three weeks ago. I got a “no” from a company that I felt really confident about after succeeding in the numerous testing sessions and interviews. Everything about this position was related to my experiences and degree. This position would have also allowed me to move to a new province and experience life on the East Coast of Canada, something I’ve never done before.

So I put off my constant job search on hold for a while, buckled down and focused on schoolwork.

During March break I ended up putting things into perspective. I realized that these rejections were no different than any of the other ones I had received throughout the last four years. I just needed to keep doing what I had been doing, and something would come along eventually. Everyday, I needed to remind myself of a few things:

It’s early! I have done this “job panic” every year since my second year here at Bishop’s. The types of jobs I’m applying for want applicants who are available now. I won’t be available until May 1st.

There are other things to worry about. Like focusing on the present. I have 4000 word term paper due in about 6 days. And I have seriously overestimated my ability to stay conscious during a 8:30am French History course.

The possibilities are endless. May 1st, 2014 marks a whole new beginning with new adventures along with a little misadventure of course!

It’s important to live in the “now.” In a month and a half I might have a job, I might not – I don’t know. What I do know is that in the next upcoming weeks, I’ll no longer be free to drive to Hatley with my best friends in the middle of the day for lunch. I won’t be able to walk into a bar, and know 90% of the people there. The life I’m living now is something I’ll never be able to duplicate. The sense of community here at Bishop’s, is one of a kind, something that I will probably never come across in the near future.

There are pros to not having a job right away. If I don’t have a job, I’ll get to go on vacation with my parents, something I haven’t done in four years. I’ll get to celebrate two huge milestones with my childhood friends on the Westcoast. Plus, I will have more time to relax, recharge and dedicate 100% my time into planning my next adventure.

Most importantly, I’m lucky to have a lifetime of possibilities ahead of me. I’m healthy. I’ll be university-educated. These last four years have been nothing but memorable. It is surprising how quickly time flies, it feels like it was only yesterday I was unpacking my suitcase in Abbott.

Until next time, Gaiters!


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