My time at Bishop’s so far




Since my arrival at Bishop’s, I can only state that every day is filled with wonderful surprises. It is my first year at University; I came in a program that I had never studied before (Business). I study in English for the first time and I am definitely in the minority of Trifluvienne on campus. However, that is exactly the wonderful part. When we take a step of faith and walk in the unknown, the unusual; we allow ourselves to learn, discover, and grow even more.

If there is something I am thankful for, it is that at the beginning of each semester, in each new courses, I immediately connected with the right people. People that I am proud to now call my friends and precious teammates. I remember in my Management Class with Denise Fortier last semester when we had to partner up for an important team work that would last all semester. In my mind, I said: I need to be with people that aim for an A, please Lord, how can I choose since I know nobody… Sure enough, next class, a girl spilled her coffee on me and here was my first partner. Two other people joined us randomly and finally, our project was a success. We continue to work together even this semester under the name ‘’Porter’s Diamond‘’. We complement each other so much, that is just so remarkable!

I also made another friend, just because he heard me say to someone else: I don’t have to do Statistic 1 since I did it in Natural Science. I talked with the Dean. The student heard it and said: Hey, I did Natural Science too; I also want my credit for this class. He finally got his credits, and since that conversation, we became inseparable!

A funny anecdote is that since I am not used with all the business terms and some English words, I carefully take the time to read every single chapter of every single book the teacher suggests us to look at after class. I do that really slowly. However, when we do team projects, I can randomly bring back a theory we say 4 months ago into another course projects with a lot of precision and insert it in our context, and this makes my teammates laugh a lot. In International Business, when the teacher asks us to give answers regarding readings we did, I can give the exact answers as the theory and he is really happy with that because of my wordings. Without hesitation, he writes my answer on the board. But the other day, two of my friends raised their hands to give an answer and the teacher was more reluctant to write their answers on the board (for whatever reasons). My friends looked at me and said as a joke: That is unfair. He favors you. When we talk, it is wrong, when you talk, it is always right. 😛

Another important moment at Bishop’s so far is about basketball. In September, I joined the intramurals league and I also came to play for fun on weekends. I remember when a football team came to play against my friends and I. The boys, especially one, were so upset that me, a girl, would win and shoot so successfully in their face that they asked to rematch me until they won. I finally join the Official women’s Gaiter Team in January 2016 , which is another step forward in my wonderful experience here in Lennoxville.

Dear students, If I can suggest you two things, here they are: Dare to do what you were born for (not what someone else tells you to do) and develop new relationships!


By Evelyne Verrette

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