9th Annual Research Week= Success!

Bonjour mes amis! Last week was packed with various events showcasing the research that is completed by students and faculty, here at BU. I would like to spend a paragraph or two letting you all know what exactly research week is and what it entails. Research week demonstrates the importance and value in undergraduate research. It gives undergraduate students a chance to showcase their skills and achievements. It really is a great opportunity! There is a link below to the complete schedule and list of activities involved in research week. Some events included; faculty talks, poster competition, Bishop’s Idol, workshops outlining the policies of assaults, as well as demonstrations for cultural and religious diversity.
Personally, I attended the demonstration on Monday afternoon promoting cultural and religious expression followed by participating in “The Gait Debate”, on Monday evening. The debate was a fantastic opportunity where I was able to work closely with an amazing prof, Jenn Cianca, to coherently and persuasively argue against our opponents in front of an audience of students and faculty. On Wednesday, a research poster showcasing my research for my independent study was displayed followed by presenting this research at Bishop’s Idol, later that evening. This was a well-attended event where ideas were shared and constructively criticized. I definitely learned a lot on Wednesday evening (though most presentations were from natural sciences which are not my forte). The last event I took part in was the ETRC’s 2nd Annual International and Domestic Colloquium on Quebec Studies. This last event was on Friday and Saturday and included months of preparation (and ice cider tasting!).
Each event that I took part in was such a valuable learning experience. The best thing is that these opportunities are open to EVERYONE at BU! There are specific requirements, such as completing an independent study or thesis in order to sign up for the Bishop’s Idol and poster competition, however, anyone can complete either of these things. Anyone who is thinking about continuing their education at the Masters or Doctorate level would greatly benefit from any of the events in Research Week. Even those who just plain love research should look into this event!
I really am lucky to go to one of the few universities in Canada that REALLY value undergraduate research. Anyone who is interested should take a look at the links provided!


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