A Brief Intro to the Wide World of Bishop’s Slang

Dear future Gaiters,

We are counting the days before your arrival at Bishop’s University! Did you know that Gaiters have their own slang? Here are a few of the words frequently used by members of our community, whether it is students, faculty, staff or alumni. (Don’t worry, there are no exams after reading this article, we just want to facilitate your #Ubishops experience!)

One of the main questions you’ll face as a Bishop’s University student is “Isn’t it spelt GATORS?” Your answer should be “I know how to spell alligator, thank you very much” followed by an explanation that we are all named after boot coverings traditionally worn by bishops of the Anglican Church who founded the school in 1843. But yes, we still have a giant purple alligator mascot.

Dewies, or more formally “Dewhurst Dining Hall”, is the hub of life on campus. Whether it’s chatting with new friends over a late night poutine, getting experimental at the stir-fry station, or downing a coffee and cramming for that mid- term, Dewies will get you through life on campus. Also a place of nostalgia for the majority of upper-year students.

An exam written by all Bishop’s Students before graduation that evaluates proficiency in the English language. The first crack at the test is during Orientation Week, but the EWP is offered twice every semester, so don’t worry! And the Writing Centre will go over your test with you and help you identify issues and mistakes!

Ah, the Mighty Massawippi river: the lifeblood of Bishop’s University. Whether it’s glistening in the low morning sun or flooding the streets of Lennoxville, the legend remains that the word “Massawippi” is from the ancient Gaiter root word for “home”.

The shorthand for Orientation Week, it’s the first week of activities for incoming students at Bishop’s. Put on by the SRC, Orientation Week includes concerts, academic tours and orientation sessions, a day to meet with the SRC’s 60+ student clubs, and an opportunity to meet the amazing people that you will be sharing your Bishop’s experience with. Meet the gigantic team of Orientation Week Leaders, Judges, and other new students, and let them welcome you into the Gaiter community in style.

Jammin’ with the SRC (Trivia!) #buoweek

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The arches are the location at the front entrance of the school formed by the indoor connections between Johnson and McGreer buildings and giving entrance to the Quad. The Arches are commonly confused with the Arches of the Bishop’s Bridge, which links Lennoxville to Bishop’s over the Massawippi river.

A phrase used to explain the full impact of our school spirit and Gaiter pride. Purple, one of the school’s official colours (along with silver), is so important to our identity that it literally becomes part of who we are. It’s not just a colour, it’s a lifestyle. #BleedPurple

The Quad is the heart of the BU campus framed by the buildings of McGreer, Johnson, the Library, Bandeen and the NOPO (Norton/Pollack) Residence buildings. Your first introduction to the Quad is during Orientation Week, where many events (sign-up, Gaiter Beer Gardens, concerts, etc.) will take place (usually under a large tent). It’s next to impossible to walk through the Quad without seeing someone you know, which can be both good and bad.

The Students Representative Council is a nonprofit student run government to which all students automatically belong. It’s your voice in terms of student related issues. The SRC also represents BU students at provincial and national levels. As a first year your first interaction with the SRC will be Orientation Week, which they plan every summer!

Most universities have a President but Bishop’s is one of only three Canadian universities that still use this British title for the head of the University. Our current Principal is Michael Goldbloom and you’ll meet him at least once during your first week at Bishop’s as you serenade him with the school song.

The Student Union Building (the SUB) or as it is officially known and commonly called on maps, Marjorie Donald House and Bishop Mountain Building (this had to be Googled because no student has ever heard these names), is the centre of student activity including the SRC offices, Doolittle’s, The Gait, Tim Horton’s, Bookstore, BU Lounge, Gaiter Grill, Quiznos, mailboxes, counselling offices, and other student services offices.

Study snacks? Covered. Residence essentials? Covered. Cheapest beer in town? Covered. 10% off bus tickets to Montreal? Covered. Doolittle’s is the student-run on-campus convenience store in the SRC hallway of the SUB. All profits go right back into funding student events and initiatives.

Like Doolittle’s, The Gait is student run with all profits going right back to you. The Gait is the on-campus pub open for Trivia Tuesdays, Happy Hour Thursdays, and Gait Night Saturdays as well as academic wine and cheeses and other special events.

The incoming class of 2015 was the first to enjoy the brand spankin’ new John H. Price Sports and Recreation Centre. Located right behind Kuehner residence beside Coulter Field, the Plex contains workout facilities, combat rooms, pools and more.

A “bog” is British slang for toilet or washroom, a “bog mate” is someone who you share a bathroom with in the “bog” style residences (Abbott, Kuehner and Munster). There are 2 people in this living situation, and often function similar to roommates.

Opening lines to the school song repeated everywhere from t-shirts to email signatures. Unofficial slogan of the University, a common greeting and the easiest way to say “Bishop’s” without saying “Bishop’s”.

“Meet at the lights?” is probably a phrase you will hear frequently and even come to utter yourself. “The Lights” are literally the only traffic lights in Lennoxville at the intersection of Queen and College streets marked by popular sites such as The Lion Pub, The Lennoxville Library, Subway, and one of Lennoxville’s many churches.

Homecoming is probably a word you have heard before, but don’t know exactly what it means. Homecoming occurs over a weekend early in the school year and centres around sporting events and the bringing together of Gaiters past and present to celebrate all things Bishop’s. Expect to see the campus in its full glory with an ongoing schedule of events for all.

Anyone else experiencing post-homecoming blues? The campus is not the same without you all! #ubishopsalumni

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Bishop Williams Hall is the largest classroom on the BU campus, and arguably the most picturesque due to its high ceilings and stained glass windows. Don’t be fooled, although this is the largest classroom on campus, a “large” class at BU is still only 100 students, the average is less than 40 in first year!

Winterfest occurs in mid-January to welcome all Gaiters back to BU, in true Canadian style. The weekend includes concerts at the Gait, ‘Jay Day’ (a day of skiing at local mountain Jay Peak), and a day of winter festivities on campus and around Lennoxville – with street hockey in the Quad, community sleigh rides, poutine eating contests, and the famous BU Rail Jam (ski and snowboard trick competition).

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