A Christmas Update

Well, another Christmas come and gone. Hopefully everybody has been able to relax and enjoy themselves as much as I have. I realize that for many, this time of year is full of annual traditions. Though I’ve only lived in Antigonish for a relatively brief time, it’s starting to feel a lot like home. This is especially true when attending the many little gatherings my friends host during the holidays. For example, the annual Wine and Cheese is not to be missed. At BU, we know a little something about Wine and Cheese’s (is that the correct pluralization?) ourselves, and just like in Lennoxville, few people here would turn down the opportunity to dress up and down some tasty grub.

Also not to be missed is my friend Mark’s Boxing Day party. His parents own a small hotel in town and every year they generously let us occupy the conference centre and leave us to our own devices. Mark’s from a big family so this party is a gathering place for people of many different ages to let loose, leave their families behind for the night and celebrate post-Christmas with good friends.

Now, just so you don’t think I’ve only been partying, here’s some proof that I’ve been flexing my creative muscle. It’s been kind of challenging to get out to tell the truth, considering how unpredictable the weather is in these parts. You can understand how I might not want to bring out the gear in the rain or heavy snow. Either way, hopefully I’ll be able to continue getting out and finding inspiration, regardless of the conditions.

Ya Heard!?

One thing I can’t seem to stay away from is producer Gregg Gillis’ (better known as Girl Talk) most recent album Feed The Animals. When I first heard this guy, I wasn’t super-impressed. For whatever reason though, Feed The Animals really gets me groovin’ drawing on a wide and ecclectic musical base to create its “mash-up” style. Just to give an example on one track you’ll find samples from Daft Punk, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, BTO, The Cranberries, Justin Timberlake and others. Genius or Garble? You be the judge.

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