A Letter from the 2018-2019 SRC President

Move-in Day is coming! Alexandra Medalsy, outgoing President of the Student Representative Council here at Bishop’s, wrote a letter to welcome our incoming Gaiters.

Alexandra Medalsy, 2018-2019 SRC President

My name is Alex and I am the outgoing President of the Student Representative Council here at Bishop’s University. People often ask what the SRC is. Well in short, the SRC works to ensure that students’ needs are met and that your experience is everything. We are students working for other students, and are dedicated to supporting you in all aspects of your life: your academics, health, social experience, etc. Your SRC has its foot in virtually everything that happens at BU. From sitting on committees to planning events like Winterfest, and overseeing the wide variety of clubs offered. We do it all for you.

Everyone’s first experience/few weeks at Bishop’s are different, but I’d like to share mine to give you an idea of what it could look like.

I remember coming to BU, three years ago, driving past upper year students welcoming you over the bridge and onto campus. I was just a bundle of excitement! My dad was cool and collected and my mom was most probably holding tears both of pride and nostalgia of how her little girl was so grown up.

I came here not knowing anyone, first of my extended family to move away to university. I knew no one, which is probably the case for most new students. And then, just like that, it happened! My parents left, I finished unpacking, and I was all alone. It was time to meet a few people; I decided to start knocking on doors in my residence until I found someone who would want to hang out. And low and behold the first door I knocked on, my across the hall neighbour, invited me in. Within a few days I became friends with my other neighbours, and we all ended up on the same Orientation Week team. And our friend group did nothing but grow. Two full years later I’m still living with some of them, and we are inseparable. We have gone through our ups and downs and supported each other through a lot of events.

Alexandra and her friends at Orientation Week in 2018

Bishop’s is a place where you are free and accepted for who you are. Somewhere where you constantly feel safe and happy. General wisdom tells us that the friends you make in university are some of the best friends you can make. I beg to differ… they aren’t just friends, they are a second family. People that you get to know and spend every possible waking hour with. They come from across Canada, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and Africa. Bishop’s is a family that you will never get rid of, no matter the distance and the time zones, we all bleed purple.

When we are young we are told to reach for the stars. But what we aren’t told often enough and are left to discover is in the words of Norman Peele, it is far better to “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Success and failure are not two different things. One of the many things that Bishop’s teaches us, and a lesson I will hold dearly, is that we can’t do everything right all the time, and that sometimes it takes failure to learn and succeed.

That is just one of the amazing lessons you learn from coming to BU. The learning and discovering is not just confined to the classroom. Although our professors are truly amazing, a lot of what is learned is with and through peers. All filled with different knowledge, cultures, opinions, ideas, and sometimes you may not agree with them, but they open your eyes to a whole other world there is to learn about. These are just some of the reasons of why choosing BU was a great choice. Welcome to your new adventure… and home!

To learn more about student life and the Student Representative Council, visit https://www.ubishops.ca/future-current-students/student-campus-life/

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