A Week At Bishop’s

A Week At Bishop's

Marta Matuzonyte from Ancaster, Ontario, is a Political Studies Major student at Bishop’s University. For her, a week at Bishop’s is a perfect balance between clubs, social events, and obviously lectures taught by professors who always teach her something new every day. Here’s a snippet of her day-to-day life at the most amazing university in Canada!



A nice early start to the day! My first lecture is at 8:30, so there’s no time to stop by for an early breakfast (actually there is time, but I can’t get up early after sleeping in all weekend). Class ends at 10 and that’s it for the day! Then it’s my chance to hit Dewies and meet up with my friends over some omelets! For the next 8 hours, I dedicate my day to catching up on my readings and doing my laundry — a good time to avoid all the taken up laundry machines on Sundays. At six o’clock, we are back at Dewies during prime time! A couple hours later, it is eight o’clock and off I go to the sports plex for volleyball practice! I get back home to rez at 10, shower and off to bed I go! Tomorrow is another pretty early day…


My busiest day of the week, a day filled with three classes. My first class is at 10, so I have time to hit up Dewies, which is filled with choices of cereal, omelets or even a crêpe! There is an hour and a half until my next class, so there is not much time to run major errands. I go back to my quiet residence (even though some people may laugh, it is always nice to come home when you know it will be quiet), try to squeeze in some time to relax and of course, watch a little bit of Netflix. One o’clock rolls around and Economics 103 is next on the list. Another short break and off to my last class of the day: Political Theory! A class that involves lots of philosophical and analytical thinking! Off to dinner and back again to my second consecutive day of volleyball. Practice ends at 9:30 so we stop by Dewies for a late night snack and some socializing with friends.


This is a good day to catch up on any work that was assigned and in the afternoon I sometimes go into town and get a coffee with friends. Once in a while we will go to the Lion Pub to get some wings!


Just like Monday/Wednesday, I have the same class schedule as on Tuesday. It’s a busy day, but the evening festivities make up for it. There is not much time for me to head over to Happy Hour at The Gait, since I have to head over to my Debate Team meeting. If I decide to stay in that night, I will hang out in the common room with my friends and watch a movie or if I feel like going out, I can always head out to the Lion. They usually have a theme on Thursdays because sports teams and clubs often fundraise there!


I get to sleep in until 10am! Then I head over to my Pre-Law Society meeting where we discuss current law issues, socialize with people that have a mutual interest in law, and discuss ongoing law news. But my day isn’t over just yet! After my meeting I have a three-hour lecture beginning at 2:30. After class, I go to Dewies for some dinner with my friends and we catch up on their weekly stories, drama and gossip. The rest of the day I usually do some work or just have a small get together with some of my closest friends.


The two days everyone has been looking forward to! From sporting events, to Gait nights, to cleaning up your room, these two days go by fast. This is also the time to really crack down on your studies and check things off your todo list.


Based on my first semester, I do not have any regrets about choosing Bishop’s University. From my classes and professors to all the friends that I met through social events and clubs, it has been a fantastic time! It’s the small moments throughout your week that will leave you with the best memories — from that one time you spontaneously decided to go out with your friends, crushed your first midterm, or have an embarrassing moment that your friends never let you forget, those are the memories that count. Make the best of it!

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