And the clock strikes November…

As one celebration ends, another begins.  I can’t even believe it myself, but the countdown is on: less than a month until classes are done.

Although the “honeymoon phase” is over now, I think students are excited for the break.  I know from my own perspective of being an RA, I haven’t been home since August, so as the days slip by, my own heart beats a little faster at the thought.  Having said that, I think it’s important to note how much this campus has indeed come to mean to me.  A year ago, things were still tough.  Although I had been here a couple months, everything still seemed to have that same newness to it that I had felt when I first arrived here.  The only difference was that it became a familiar newness.  I truly believe that even if I didn’t live so far away from home, the transition into University would not have been any less stressful, exciting, fearsome, memorable, or even exhausting an experience.  I write this to all the students who are still finding their way.  My best advice?  Keep that chin up high, smile big, and believe in your abilities.  I remember listening to a speaker in my first week here during Frosh, and he said, “If you’re feeling nervous, or second guessing whether you can actually do this, you’re in exactly the right place.  Sometimes it will take a full year of school before you feel truly comfortable”.  These words really stuck with me.  When I look back at it now, I think how could I have not felt all those things?  I was coming from a life in which I knew everything and everyone; I had a safety net, and it was what I had known my whole life.  One thing that always helps to reassure myself in certain situations is that someone, or many someones, has gone through this too.  Yes everyone is different, but it’s like asking a question in class.  Don’t be afraid to speak up because chances are, you’re not the only one feeling that way.  You are not alone.

November is a high-stress month.  Though midterms are finally coming to a close, assignments are in full-swing, students are racing to snatch up any extra marks they can get to maintain or better their grades, and the anticipation to start the holidays is on the rise, only to be conflicted with the equally anxious awaiting of finals.  It gets busy, but now’s the time more than any to do you!  Set aside some time between studying to do things that make you happy.  Go for a quick walk along the Massawippi, have that Timmie’s glazed chocolate donut, blast some tunes and dance your heart out in your room alone.  Do what makes you smile because I promise you, you will feel that much better afterwards.  Life is short, so why not make the most of it, and live.


‘Til next time,



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