Another Chapter Done!

Another Chapter Done!

Another Chapter Done Another crazy month has gone by, faster than ever. Last time I blogged I had just begun working on Orestes. Last week it all came to an end. Another chapter gone- it’s a memorable one. Whilst dealing with my post stage manager depression I find myself reflecting on how much I grew during the experience. It made me see theatre in a different light; I was reminded of why I do this. In fact, the experience was so wonderful that I fell in love with what I’ve been doing my whole life all over again. My cast is my family. All their words are the glue that holds me together. Working with the guest director, Colin was an absolute pleasure. I cannot begin to explain what he taught me, but to sum up I’ll use the quote he wrote in a card to me- “Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.” This is what makes Bishop’s a special place. Classes teach you the curriculum sure, but they teach you a whole lot more just about life. As the semester is quickly coming to a close I’m working to beat the stress and get through the final stretch! I figured I’d share some of the things I do to get through it all.

1. 8tracks- If you don’t know about this website yet, check it out. It’s full of homemade music playlists for any mood, activity or emotion you could think of. Type in the keyword and you’ll find endless lists of music to get you through.

2. Take the time to cook a nice meal once in a while. Something healthy, something comforting, something you want to take a picture of and show off. It will be nice to eat good food, and the time away cooking will help relax you.

3. Don’t bother stressing. It’s easier said than done but by this time most of us know that regardless of what happens- the work will get done. Sure, it may take a few late nights, multiple coffees and the occasional meltdown but it will be done and over with soon enough. The break will come.

4. Wash your bed sheets! Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life like sleeping in a freshly cleaned set of linens that can make your day just a bit better. Flu season is also in the air so there is another reason to keep nice and hygienic.

Crunch time is now, but do so in moderation. Relaxing is key. Work as much as you need to, but take the time to watch a TV show online and sip on some hot chocolate or egg nog and remember that the snowy slopes, home-cooked meals, and days of lounging around are only a few more weeks away! On one final note I’ll leave you all with some wise words from a special friend of mine- “If you can embrace everything bad that has happened to you as something beautiful, then you can be happy with who you are.”

Keep pressin’ on BU.


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