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For my second post, I wanted to tell you about my very own favourite Bishop’s experience. It has to do with the e-mails Principal* Goldbloom has been sending in the last month, about a scholarship called the Bishop’s Experiential or Service Term.


I got to go here…


This fund is for you, the students with ambition and good ideas, as it provides assistance for projects related to your area of academic interest, or your future studies and/or career directions. To me, this meant that you could submit just about anything. As its description says, “the scope of projects eligible for consideration is wide.” Selected applicants receive from 2000 to 7000$.

And do some of this!

If you take a look at the shortened list of past B.E.S.T. winning projects, you’ll find that they are all interesting: whether a music student who attended conducting lessons in Montréal and Halifax, before heading out to the Sarteano Choral Conducting Workshop in Italy, or a political studies student who participated in a three-week study tour of the European Union, the only thing these have in common are their intended outcomes.


–      Allows the student to develop leadership skills

–      Better prepares the student to achieve their objectives after BU

–      Provides for a significant interaction with a mentor

–      Supports the values of social responsibility and contribution to community

–      Encourages international experience or intercultural awareness.

Interesting? You bet.


First, check if you are eligible: for instance, you need to have completed one year at Bishop’s, be a full-time student, have at least a 70% average, and then make sure that a professor or administrator backs you up. It is essential to work in partnership with someone who can help you with the details of making a good application (it was key to my own success).


You meet all the criteria? Awesome. Now, think up a project that meets a few—or all—of these goals. That’s the hard part in most cases. You have LOTS of options; talking to a prof might save you lots of time at this stage.


As a history student, my project was about exploring different avenues in my field (other than being a teacher), to help me make a career choice. Therefore, I travelled to France and Quebec City to try some of my options. I went to Calmont d’Olt for a week of castle restoration, spent another week in Paris to have some fun with archives, and finished off with a private tour of the Centre de Conservation du Québec, to learn about artefact restoration.

Got to love old paper.

Traveling on my own to have hands-on experience related to my passion was incredible. Once in a while, I’ll look through my pictures because I still can’t believe I had this opportunity. Where else could you get funds to fulfill your dream projects? Only at Bishop’s, of course!


Think about it. Deadline is February 1st!
Be creative, and have fun with it.

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