Back to BU

Well, finally I’m back at BU after a good month off over Christmas. A month is a long vacation, but the time really flew by because I was so busy. First, I was in Toronto to check out the “Building on a Bishop’s Degree” function (basically an alumni event put on for current students), so that was pretty cool. Then it was off to Ottawa for Boxing Day to check out some World Junior hockey games including the Canada-Czech game. Then I was in Montreal for a night and Ottawa again a few days later… so needless to say I was on the move quite a bit.

One of the things I was supposed to do over the break was finish up two essays I’d had deferred because of my appendicitis. I don’t think there’s anything harder than trying to find the motivation to finish schoolwork over the holidays. For the longest time they went unfinished, but eventually I gathered up the will to get them done.

One of the great things about this school, though, was how understanding everyone was about the whole situation. I had two essays due for the same professor and it seemed that everyone I had to talk to about the deferral was far more concerned about me than my overdue work, so that was a pretty reassuring feeling and really took the stress out of getting the work done.

Now, it’s just back to that feeling of the first week at school where you seem to spend all your time getting re-oriented and re-establish your routine. Although… our house is back to its dirty and unkept state though, so it seems like things will be back to normal in no time.

On the iTunesTV on the Radio – “Dear Science” – I just recently picked up this album with some of the iTunes gift certificates I got for Christmas and it’s pretty good stuff. I’ve seen TV on the Radio listed as being both “alternative” and “experimental” and I think both of those are a pretty fair assessment. They certainly are unique, and they’re obviously doing something right to be named SPIN and Rolling Stone’s best album of the year, and NME’s #2 of the year.

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