Backwards Europe?

Hey BU!

Once I landed in Germany I had a 4 hour delay until my next flight and spent it walking around the mammoth airport, having breakfast, and then waiting to board my flight. I ended up running into a girl from my school back home who was also going on exchange to Gothenburg and so we caught up and then finished the last leg of our journey together to Gothenburg which was awesome and definatly got rid of some of the nerves! We found our arranged pick up really easily but we had to wait another 4 hours in the airport for the rest of the exchange students who were also being picked up during that time fram. I feel like Ive spent forever in airports over the last 2 days! As other exhange students arrived from all over the place we all got a chance to talk and meet while waiting for others, so although it was long it was also very cool and fun. There are so many different people with different languages and cultures its amazing. Also there are many slight differences between Sweden and Canada which are already noticible and is super cool!!

This is of the upmost importance in Sweden; Swedish people love coffee, and not just any kind of coffee.. more like the kind where you take one sip and its strong enough to knock you over.. so I’ve learned that when it comes to Fika breaks (Fika = a coffee break in Swedish) lots of Sugar and about half a cup of Milk are your best friends!
For some reason unknown to me, the shower in my bathroom has no walls or risen floor. Literally i continue walking straight on my floor, pull the curtain around, shower and flood my bathroom floor, and then have to squeegee the water towards the drain… Don’t ask me why.. I have no idea.
The Swedish language sounds like pure gibberish but is also very musical sounding, a nice sounding language, but pure nonsense.
It gets dark here at 4.30 in the afternoon, and stays dark until about 9.30 in the morning… its strange, but also good for sleeping in!
Everyone here (for the most part) understands and speaks English.. and for those who don’t, all I can say is that my charade skills are going to be at the advanced level when i get back home!
THIS COUNTRY IS FREEZING!! Technically it is colder in Canada (when I left I believe it was in the -20′s, and it was -9 degrees here) BUT it doesn’t matter what the temp. is… the wind coming off of the ocean makes it feel like -30, and it chills you too the bone! Thank goodness for my Canadian cold weather training or id be freezing my ass off!
Tak (like a Tic-Tac mint you use for freshening your breath) is how you say thank you in Swedish, very simple so it is easy to remember!
Stop lights on the street do NOT go Green Yellow Red. Instead, they go Green, Red, Yellow, Green. With that said, I think I will avoid driving here for the better good of everyones safety.
I learned I am very good at understanding accents from virtually ALL OVER the world. I’m not kidding, thus far I have met students from; Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, London, Ireland, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Japan, China, Korea, South America, Jamaica, America, Australia, and probably about 5-10 other regions I cant even recall at the moment.
Jet leg sucks. (Canada is 6hrs behind Sweden)
Although one may assume that the “Lord Mayor” of Gotheburg is a man, its not. (I only know this due to going to an event tonight where the Lord Mayor of Gothenburg welcomed the new exchange students to Sweden. On the way over we had created a drinking game based on the assumption that the Lord would be a man; If in a special uniform drink 1 shot, if they have a sword drink 2) …. well, that game went down hill pretty quickly once we found out it was a women!
The “Espresso House” is the Swedish version of Tim Hortons/ Dunken Donuts. I have yet to go, but I assure you that with Sweds having like 5 Fika breaks a day I will eventually make it there.
There are 7/11′s EVERYWHERE… unexpected.
Apple cider is most likely the best thing ever created. ITS SO GOOD and also one of the cheaper things to buy if you are out drinking (Alcohol is VERY expensive here)
I want to assure you that I am doing my very best to show Sweden what Canada is made of, so far so good! I will be uploading a video very soon of my apartment, it is amazing and definitely worth a look! There will be much more to come and try and stay patient with my posts!

Much love from Gothenburg,


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