Why I Became a Residence Assistance

Hey there,

I guess I’d better do some introducing before I dive into things. My name is Aidan and I come from the West Coast – Vancouver, to be specific. I am in my second year at Bishop’s, doing a double major in political science and sports studies.  I work on campus, and it’s one of the best jobs that I have had in my life thus far. This year, I am working as a Resident Assistant (RA) in the Mackinnon Residence, which has been amazing.

It just so happens that RA applications for next year’s team have opened up, so I am going to share what led me to becoming an RA. I knew before I stepped foot on campus that I wanted to get involved, somehow, someway. I ran for the SRC, but lost my election and was then lost for what to do with myself. A few people had a major impact on me though during my fall semester, which made me want to become an RA. Warren, Deb, Justin, are just a few of the people who had a huge impact on me last year and weirdly enough, they all happened to work for Residence Life. I had actually planned to live off campus, but before it was too late, I had a crucial realization about what being an RA really means.

Being an RA isn’t about being the fun police and trying to get people in trouble, it’s about being there for residents. The transition into university can be a big and scary one, but as an RA, I’m there to help make that transition smoother. I am paid to throw themed parties and talk to people, that’s how I like to describe my job. Being up super late on some nights isn’t always the greatest, but seeing how I can impact my residents is all I need to keep going. I also have my Residence Life Team, which has become my Bishop’s family. I like to imagine that I have twenty-two brothers and sisters on campus. If I had to put why I became an RA simply, I would say: I became an RA because I wanted be someone for my residents to turn to and I want to make a difference at my university.

Ending Banquet- Team Photo

I strongly encourage anyone who has even had the faintest thought about becoming an RA to apply. It’s really an opportunity like no other.

Later Gaiters,

Aidan Peck


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