Best Classes of My BU Career

As my four years at Bishop’s is tragically coming to a close, I figured this would be a good time to reflect on some of the best classes I’ve taken in my BU career.
In no particular order they are:

Gangster Films: Crime Pays: This class was a lot of fun. Partly because a lot of my friends and I took it together, but also partly because it was pretty cool. It was the first film class I took here and getting to watch movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas as well as the classics like Public Enemy and Little Caesar was a pretty nice way to help earn my degree.

Globalization and the Canadian State: Globalization and Canada are two things that interest me, so naturally I should probably find a class about how globalization affects Canada pretty interesting. It’s an upper year Politics course, so it might not be for everyone, but that being said, there’s not too much theory and you have fairly free choice over your essay topic and presentation.

Graphic Novel – I’ll bet you didn’t think you could read comics for homework once you got to university? Wrong… This course is brand new this year and technically I haven’t actually completed it, but it’s been great so far. It covers a bit of the history of comics and we get to read graphic novels like Watchmen, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Maus (a story of the holocaust which actually won a Pulitzer prize)

Honourable Mentions:
–    Any of the European Union courses offered.
–    Many of the film courses offered. Other than gangster films, there’s ones like “the films of Marlon Brando” and “Film Adaptation” (think Jaws)
–    British Novel Since 1930: we read a hilarious story called “Lucky Jim
–    Journalism: (we have a variety of Journalism courses at this school and I believe starting next year, people can minor in that topic)

Of course these are just my favourite classes – there’s plenty of other options for people with different interests in stuff like History, Environmental Studies, Religion, Economics, Marketing… the list goes on.

On the iTunes – Coldplay – Viva La Vida – This album just won best rock album at the Grammys this year and has definitely earned all the popularity surrounding it. I listened to it a fair bit this summer and its making the rounds again.

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