The Best Decision I Ever Made

Hello BU!

First off, I should probably tell you who I am before I advise you on important life decisions. My name is Hayley and I am a fourth year student majoring in English Literature. Currently, I am a Residence Assistant in Paterson Hall. Becoming an RA is one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made.

Becoming an RA has allowed me to grow as an individual and a leader. Being a leader on campus can be very rewarding, as long as you can find a leadership role that fits your needs and your skills. Being an RA is a role that encompasses flexibility and creativity, one that helps hone your skills as a leader and one that pushes you to be something better.

Becoming an RA has pushed me to look into myself and realize my true potential. I am an advocate for this job and all of its benefits. This is true for any leadership position at the university, as when you take on these roles, you become a much stronger and better student and person.

Being an RA has several perks that make the job worth pursuing. Even though there are some hefty requirements, I am sure that any first year RA will tell you that all the work is worth the benefits.

The Residence Life Coordinators are awesome and want you to succeed in everything. They are always there for you if you are unsure of something to do with a resident or something personal. They will listen to you and offer advice, or just sit and listen to your craziness. They are a great support system that will guide you through every step of the way.

In addition to the great RLCs, your fellow RAs are always there for you; many of them are experiencing the same highs and lows as you. Being a part of the residence life team constitutes a second family, one that will love you regardless of how stressed out you are or if you’re doing excelling at your job.

I will not deny that being an RA can be time consuming, with the meetings and the workload and the programming, but being an RA is rewarding. I am rewarded by the smiles and hellos of my residents. I can visually see my accomplishments through my bulletin board and posters, and through the relationships that I have with my residents and my RA family. I get real joy out of planning and preparing for events. Plus, who knew door tags could be so fun?

The RA hiring process is going on right now! Deciding to apply to be an RA is one of the greatest things I have done. I love my job and it allows me to release my creative side while embracing my organizational skills in a way I never have before. If I were you, I would consider applying! You’ve got nothing to lose!



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