Beyond School Walls: Undergraduate Research

Bishop’s University takes great pride in the ways it encourages students to extend their learning beyond the borders of the classroom. With events such as Research Week, we strive to create an environment that fosters the growth of undergraduate researchers through their studies. Today, we would like to highlight two Bishop’s undergraduate students who have demonstrated their passion for research and have gone to present their findings across Canada. We asked them to tell us why undergraduate research at Bishop’s University is important and a piece of advice to future students.


Vanessa Oliveira, Class of 2018:

“When it comes to research, my advice is to start early.  Bishop’s professors hire students, so talk to your favorite professor and simply ask them if they are looking for a research assistant. You will learn, go to conferences, and meet other people from a similar field.

I met my Master’s laboratory’s primary investigator when I was presenting the poster of my first-year summer research project. GO TO CONFERENCES! Practice your presentation enough times before and you might win the money prizes they offer!”


Vanessa and Charles at the “Journee Phare 2017” where they presented their separate research with the University of Sherbrooke.

Charles Rumsby, Class of 2018:

“Being able to conduct and present chemistry research at the undergraduate level has provided me with invaluable connections to professionals in my field. These connections have presented me with opportunities to continue conducting research after Bishop’s, such as postgraduate studies and career opportunities. The research opportunities that have been provided to me, thanks to Bishop’s University, have ensured me a future in chemistry. All of my opportunities, in one way or another, have been granted to me thanks to Bishop’s.”

Charles presenting his research with Dr. Eric Marsault from the Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke (University of Sherbrooke) at the “Journée Scientifique du 1er cycle FMSS 2017”.

We also reached out to Julie Fredette, Research Officer at Bishop’s University, and asked her to describe the importance of research in an undergraduate’s academic career:

“Students who are given the opportunity to engage in research so early on in their academic careers at Bishop’s University are at a great advantage when the time comes to apply for graduate scholarships. They have been exposed to various research methodologies, have significant field and lab experiences, and some have even presented their research at academic conferences, in research poster competitions, or have even co-published articles in peer-reviewed journals!  Are undergraduate research assistants able to perform as well as graduate students? Many researchers at Bishop’s say yes! Some have even come to rely closely on their undergraduate research assistants, who are often astute, curious, enthusiastic and open to new challenges and learning opportunities.”

Julie Frédette, Research Officer at Bishop’s University


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