Bishop’s Back to School Style Guide

Here at Bishop’s University, purple never goes out of fashion. With the fall semester countdown on, here is a quick style guide to keep you stylish and cozy all sweater-season long with some of our favourite items from Doolittle’s Co-op.

Study Stunnin’

Comfort for studying is a must. Cozy up in a classic Bishop’s hoodie and your favourite pair of sweat pants or leggings. Add a pair of sneakers for emergency snack runs. 

Classroom Chic

Layers are key when going from outside to inside and back again. Comfy pullovers will keep you warm into the fall and winter, while vests are an easy add for another layer of warmth. And how could we not add a travel mug for your lecture fuel. Don’t forget your mask when travelling indoors as the final layer. 

Sporty Spice

Sneakers. ShortsT-shirt. A timeless gym look with a splash of #bleedpurple and a touch of hydration.

Residence Ready

Make yourself at home with some slippers (or socks and sandles), a cozy fleece, and some lounge bottoms. Complete this look with some yummy snacks from Doolittles stashed into your essential purple fanny pack

Presentation Proper

Blazers are key! A clean pair of pants and a nice shoe complete the look…or PJ bottoms (an added bonus of video conference presentations). Keep your vocal cords hydrated throughout the presentation with a classy mug. 

Flood Fashion

There are 4 seasons in Lennoxville: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Flood Season. An umbrellaanorak jacket, and rain or waterproof boots are sure to keep you and your feet dry. 

Need some more inspo to develop your own style guide? Head on over the the Doolittle’s Co-op website or their store on campus located in the Student Centre. By becoming a member of the co-op, get members-only savings, as well as the facts that;

  1. Being a member of the Co-op means you’re an owner.
  2. You can participate in the governance of Doolittle’s Co-op.
  3. Doolittle’s gives back to the community.
  4. Doolittle’s Co-op offers job opportunities to students all year round.
  5. Open to everyone, you do not need to be a student to become a member.
  6. A membership costs $25, there is no renewal fee and it is valid for life.
  7. $10 of the membership fee can be reimbursed if you choose not to remain a member.

Happy styling!

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