Bishop’s celebrates National Philanthropy Day!

As we celebrate National Philanthopy Day, we wish to thank all those who have impacted Bishop’s through their donations. Giving back is a proud #UBishops tradition, and Bishop’s is grateful to have so many dedicated #UBishopsAlumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, staff, retirees, foundations and corporations that #BleedPurple! In the last year, 2,645 donors supported Bishop’s with $7,292,283.29!

Due to the generosity of our community, we have seen and continue to see improvements around campus, ensuring that the quality of student life continues to flourish. Students all across campus are impacted by donations towards areas such as sports teams, clubs, academic excellence and so much more!


Donations also support students through scholarships and bursaries, relieving some of the stress of attending university. “Thanks to donations, scholarships reduce the financial burdens on students like myself allowing us to purse our educational goals!” said Aidan McGillis, a 4th year student-athlete.

Giving back does not only allow students to obtain financial support, but it also promotes a cycle of giving back and paying it forward spanning generations. As Julie Di Sensi ’08, Bishop’s University alumna and donor, said “It is my pleasure to give back, as I received student scholarships which were so valuable to me at the time.” It is thanks to donors like Julie who pay it forward, that students are able to do the same in the future!

Whether you are a student, staff or faculty, alumni, parent etc. every donation counts. As Peter Vaughan ’70 said “I give because I can […] a lot of donations like mine add up to significant support.”

Whether you’ve given $5 or $5,000, you’ve had a lasting impact on the Bishop’s community.  Your contributions allow our students to have the best possible experience, it’s no wonder we’ve ranked Canada’s Top University for Student Satisfaction – MacLean’s 2018!

Happy National Philanthropy Day!


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