Bishop’s List of AWESOME

What makes Bishop’s so amazing is that there is something that appeals to everyone! From campus clubs to school events, it’s all these little moments that make BU an amazing place to live and learn.

Here is a list of some of the events that make Bishop’s AWESOME!

Every week there are events that stay consistent:

  • Tuesdays: There is Trivia Night and Acoustic Night.
    • Trivia Night is hosted in the Gait and there are different themes and categories each week. As a team, you answer questions for a chance to win a cool prize.
    • Acoustic Night happens at the Golden Lion Pub in town and is an open-mic style event that gives anyone musically inclined the chance to perform a few songs on the stage in front on their friends and fellow community members.
  • Wednesdays- Wings
    • Wing Night at the Golden Lion Pub is always fun and yummy!
  • Thursday – Happy Hour (with a theme)
    • Happy Hour happens at the Gait and gives everyone a chance to hang out and enjoy a drink while taking part in the themehappy hour of the week and listening to live music. Happy Hour runs from 5:00pm until 11:00pm and is a great start to the Bishop’s weekend!
  • Saturday- Gait Night (with a theme)
    • Most Saturdays, there is a Gait Night at the student bar on campus. These events are usually themed and either have live bands or a DJ. This is a very fun atmosphere and you can dance the night away with your friends!

Some annual events that take place each year at BU include:

  • Frosh Week: Orientation Week happens each year and is designed to welcome our “froshies” into life at Bishop’s. There are academic orientations, campus and town tours, events during the day (Scavenger Hunts, Field Day) and your choice of events that happen at night.
  • Homecoming: Homecoming Weekend usually takes place towards the end of September/early October. The key event of the weekend is a cheering on gaitersGaiters’ home football game. It is a bunch of fun to  tailgate and cheer on our Gaiters. There is usually a full line up of activities happening, such as this year’s campus brewery launch. It’s also a great time to wear all of your purple!
  • Frosh in a Can: Frosh in a Can is an event for first year students to take a school bus to Montreal to cheer on one of the Gaiters’ teams. It keeps the spirit of frosh week going!
  • Halloweekend: Halloween is my favourite time of year at Bishop’s. I think this is because I am a crafty person and love planning all my costumes and making the pieces. This is a weekend full of fun and I love seeing everyone’s creativity while we’re out having fun together.
  • Two Years Eve: We were on break over the real New Years’ celebrations, so we didn’t get to celebrate at BU! Don’t worry – the first week back we get to see everyone and celebrate all over again at the Gait!
  • Winterfest: Winterfest is another whole weekend experience. The key event is Bishop’s “Rail Jam,” where a snowboarding rail is set up in the Quad so BU skiers and snowboarders can show off their skills!
  • SRC elections: This is something I look forward to. The candidates are able to apply, campaign and speak at our Speaker’s Night, following which everyone at Bishop’s can vote for who leads the SRC in the next year. 
  • Charity Fashion Show: I LOVE fashion show. I am on the dance team, so I perform in the show, but it’s always a sold out event. This is the most fun to watch and be involved with.
  • Reading Week: Reading week gives everyone a break from midterms to rest and catch up, so we’re ready for the rest of the semester.
  • St. Patrick’s Day: This ikate1s always a fun time at BU! Everyone puts aside their purple for one weekend to dress in green for the annual street party!

Some other things that make Bishop’s AWESOME:

  • Skiing: Skiing is so close to us, so if you are a skier I recommend you take advantage of the amazing nearby hills!
  • Floods: Floods may not seem like an awesome natural disaster, but BU students always make the best out of them.
  • Snow: There is A LOT of snow at BU. We are in Eastern Quebec, so lots of snow, but it is so beautiful and we learn to love the winter wonderland.
  • Small classes: Something I really value here at BU are our class sizes. I love getting to know my profs and not being just my student number.
  • Ability to take courses in other disciplines: Something I think we take for granted here is the ability to take courses in other disciplines. I think it’s fun to explore all my interests.
  • So many opportunities to get involved: Everywhere you look there are places to get involved. You don’t have to, but the opportunities are there if you are interested.
  • Clubs and teams: There are so many clubs on campus there is definitely something for everyone and if it doesn’t exist, YOU can make it happen.

What do you think makes our university AWESOME?



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