“Bring me back to Bishops Blues”

Coming from Aurora (near Toronto) I sometimes think it’s nice to escape the bubble, go back to a bigger town, see some different faces, or even some old familiar faces. Which was why I was looking so forward to the break! I went home, stuffed my face with some delicious home cooked meals, caught up on some free laundry, and visited all my friends and family, and then it hit me. 

The “Bring me Back to Bishops Blues” It wasn’t until this break that I thought more about how Sherbrooke and more particularly Lennoxville, has become my home. I started thinking about all my friends and how much they have become my family away from home. I think that’s part of the Bishop’s charm, the familiar, friendly faces make coming ‘home’ so easy and that much more enjoyable.

I started thinking about the convenience of Lennoxvegas, how everything is so close and I don’t need a car to get around to places like the grocery store or a friend’s house.  Walking down  College Street and Queen Street just seemed so welcoming. I know the town so well I could probably walk with my eyes shut and still get home or to any of my friends’ homes. The familiarity and comfort is what makes the “Bring me back to Bishops Blues” pop up in my head!

In my state of “Bring me back to Bishops Blues” I started reminiscing about fun nights last semester like country night, wing night, Gait nights, and I got even more excited to return back home. I started thinking about how exciting Frost weekend will be, and how I cannot wait to go back and continue running a club!

 It sounds funny to say, but I even missed school, okay maybe not crunch time during midterm season or finals, but I missed having classes where I got to learn and interact with such wonderful peers and professors.  I couldn’t wait to be back on campus and see my friends and peers and start getting ready for whatever the next semester had in store!

I’m finally home, unpacked, and ready to see what’s in store this semester! I’m so glad to be back home, and I am even more thrilled that I call this wonderful place home. I am sure you do to!

Sending purple pride,



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