BU: A Parent’s Perspective

BU: A Parent’s Perspective

Hi Gaiters and Gaiters-to-be!

As we gear up for Open House this weekend and prepare to welcome prospective students and their parents to campus, I asked my dad for a parent’s perspective on our fantastic university. As an alumnus of a rival university, he had to be persuaded that my choice to attend Bishop’s was right for me. So here is a look at what it means to be the PARENT of a Gaiter!

Special thanks to Alan Zucker, (father of Erica Zucker, 4th year Elementary Education Major)

A message for parents:

So your child chose Bishop’s University?

As the parent of a 4th year student at Bishop’s University, you may have wondered as I did “Did my daughter pick the right university?”

Educated at a “larger” university, I found myself asking this question once my daughter had made her decision to attend BU. I can honestly say that I am proud she had the courage to move outside the province and study at BU. She has been surrounded by amazing professors, great friends and a supportive community on campus and within the town of Lennoxville.

If I had to go back to university, I would certainly consider BU.  This university has an exceptional education model with a superior student to teacher ratio.  The professors are approachable and many if not all know my daughter on a first name basis.  This is a far different university experience than I had in my Bachelor’s program.

The friends that she has made seem to have similar values and goals.  There is a genuine sense of pride and school spirit that helps balance the stress of studying and living away from home.

I can guarantee you will never regret supporting your child’s decision to attend BU.  In fact, visit the campus.  Try not to catch the purple fever!  Go Gaiters!

Alan Zucker


Dad/Daughter Day at Jay Peak!

Thanks, Dad!

Later, Gaiters!


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