BU Student Athletes Reaching New Heights

This year, BU student-athletes are reaching new heights academically. An amazing 166 student-athletes made the Academic All-Canadian/Academic All-Stars list, meaning they hit an 80% average or better.    

Bishop’s student-athletes combined have a GPA today of 79%!   

These are the results of years of hard work from the student-athletes that make us so proud, but also of the drive and dedication of BU’s Athletic Academic Success Coach, Mike Andrews. 

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Balancing academics and varsity sports

Andrews knows how to balance school and sport.   

Mike Andrews

Coming to Bishop’s from Oakville, Ontario, on a full scholarship to play basketball, his time here provides a striking example of how much can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. In five years of athletics at Bishop’s, he was an RSEQ first team All-Star three times, league MVP, Bishop’s University Athlete of the Year, CIS Academic All-Canadian, and helped his team win an RSEQ championship-all while pursuing a triple major in Secondary Education, Social Science, and Sports Studies.    

After graduation, he continued playing ball as a member of the Canadian National Development Team before returning to Bishop’s to earn his B. Ed. Shortly thereafter, he began coaching at Bishop’s and Champlain College. He went on to receive a Business Management Certificate from Bishop’s and an Online Learning Design and Delivery Certificate from Algonquin College.  

A self-proclaimed ‘lifelong learner,’ Mike understood early on the value of experiential learning from watching his older brother. He is passionate about helping others learn from their experiences and applying a holistic strength-based approach to their school and their sport. 

“There was so much I loved about teaching, and so much I loved about coaching, and I wanted to find a way to combine the two to help student-athletes in the same position that I was.” 

He found a home at Bishop’s to bring all his skills and experience to bear. After starting out with the Men’s Football Team in 2016, his role has grown into a full-time position focused on the academic success of all ten varsity teams on campus, representing over 320 student-athletes. 

Interested in becoming a Gaiter

Academic success is more than study hall

BU SKILLZ is more than just a study hall, it’s about achieving success in all facets of life.   

Andrews talks like a coach. His drive, passion and strategic approach are infectious, intended to reach his audience in a language they relate to. He talks about mindset, motivation, and methods. He puts value on time, energy, and money. The importance of the three R’s: respect yourself, respect others, and respect your environment. All of this finds its way into a BU SKILLZ program that motivates student-athletes to take the passion and discipline they have for sport and apply it to their academics.    

“I want them to see the value of academics early on. There are so many ways a liberal education can help our student-athletes,” he says.    

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It’s critical considering the daunting task of being successful on all fronts as a student-athlete, who in some cases spend 30+ hours a week dedicated to their sport. Add in a full course load, time for fun, family, and being present for their community (like many were, Andrews reminds me, at the National Truth and Reconciliation Day march,) and it’s easy to imagine getting overwhelmed.    

Over the last four years, over 250 athletes benefited from tutoring, which also led to 50 jobs for student-athletes tutoring within the program. 

The program Mike offers has allowed me to reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses on a more profound level, further allowing me to find my identity as a student, and thus fully immerse myself in my education as I strive for success. His program has opened my eyes to various tactics that have been extremely useful and have contributed to various positive changes in my mindset and habits in regard to school

Joëlle Gagnon – Women’s Hockey

Mike encourages all student-athletes to reach out to him at any time to take advantage of the many supports and initiatives in place in the BU SKILLZ program. “Whether you’re a first year student or about to graduate, I am here to help you pursue your academic goals while excelling in your sport. Don’t hesitate to reach out!”   

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