Busting open the secret….mentoring program coming to a city near you

Busting open the secret….mentoring program coming to a city near you

Graduates of Bishop’s were not surprised to hear that Maclean’s Magazine’s 2016 university issue ranked Bishop’s University #1 for quality of student life. While the rest of the world might be surprised, we didn’t need the magazine ranking to confirm what we already know, which is that our university experience was THE BEST.  In fact, the Bishop’s secret is too well kept and it is time spread the word.


Another ‘secret’ that needs to be ‘busted open’ is the existence of the JUMP mentoring program for Bishop’s graduates who are embarking on or in the early stages of their career. Established in Toronto some 7 years ago by a small group of dedicated alumni, the program was set up to provide Bishop’s graduates with a mentoring community offering support, perspective and inspiration for professional development. The program’s aim is to encourage, energize and open eyes. JUMP does this by matching Bishop’s graduates from any discipline with seasoned business leaders who operate as sounding boards and guides to the graduates in the early stages of their careers. The JUMP group also meets monthly for learning and networking events.


Great news is that the Toronto based program has been so successful that it expanded into Halifax this past January, and will launch in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver in winter 2016. Still, like the university itself, the program feels like a carefully guarded secret and it shouldn’t be. We are busting it open to all Bishop’s University students! Anyone interested in finding out more about the program and how it can help just needs to send an email expressing interest to bujump@gmail.com and we will happily connect you with the program that pairs graduates with a mentor who offers them: ‘a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a nudge in the right direction.’  


For more information on JUMP, click here.

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