Carnaval de Quebec!

There’s nothing quite like a Bishop’s bus trip.  You pay for a round-trip ticket which usually costs less than $20 (a steal, even though it’s a school bus), and you pretty much get to go on a field trip with your best Bishop’s friends.  Many of the clubs on campus organize bus trips, but they are specifically advertised to members of the clubs and visit destinations in tune with the clubs’ interests.  Then, there are the bus trips planned by the SRC, which often appeal to the whole student body for one reason or another.  I blog about these bus trips because, one, I’ve done many during my tenure at Bishop’s, and two, the granddaddy of ‘em all is fast approaching: Carnaval de Quebec.

Every winter, a few buses full of Bishop’s students kick it down to the world’s biggest winter carnival and spend the day in vieux Quebec where the students get to enjoy the excellent activities that you might find at a winter carnival with such a distinction.  Ice slides, ice castles, ice sculptures, toboggan rides, frozen maple syrup, Carnaval has it all.  After my first Carnaval bus trip when I was in second-year, I vowed that I would never miss another one again.  I was in Australia for last year’s festival, so that doesn’t count, but this Saturday I plan on making a triumphant return to Quebec City to partake in (arguably) the best Saturday a Bishop’s student can have second semester.  Expect a full blog re-cap of the experience next week.

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