Chance Encounter

I’m just on my way out to dinner, but tonight’s dinner in itself is a story so, I thought I’d get it down on paper before heading out the door—

So on Valentine’s Day, Meg and I were feeling slightly lonely “sans boys” here and as a result we decided to have our own romantic dinner. After a lovely meal, our bill came and unsure of the tipping practices here we asked the random couple sitting at the table next to us how it worked in South Africa. After a 2 minute conversation (its 10% … of the 5 dollar meal) they invited us to their place for dinner!  And so tonight, they’re coming to pick us up for supper and swimming at their house. It sounds kind of crazy (and maybe unsafe—but really, it’s fine) . Even stranger is that this is actually the second time in our travels this has happened!  While we were in Germany, we met a great couple who had kids our age and they showed us all around Germany, took us out for a night on the town and even stored our luggage for 2 weeks while we travelled. It really is amazing how many nice, generous people there are in the world.  Being a Canadian helps! Meg and I have made a note to make more friends with adults! We also managed to track down Canadian maple syrup at the grocery store and have invested—who needs to bring a bottle of wine as a thank you when you can bring a can of syrup?!

On a completely unrelated note, we met a future Bishop’s exchange student last night at the bar! Meg and I are so excited on her behalf and spent a good portion of the night bragging about what an amazing time she’s going to have.

Can’t be late- Later Gaiters!

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