Choclair Live at The Gait!

We tend to get a few shows a year at The Gait (our campus bar), and they’re normally from up and coming artists in Canada although last night we were treated to a Canadian hip-hop icon from back in the day – Choclair.

Now, I’m not really that big of a hip-hop fan, but it seems that every time I go to see a show at The Gait it ends up being a pretty good time no matter who’s playing. Last night was definitely no exception.
The opening acts were, a guy named Mr. E, and two rappers from the Toronto area called Justis and Mantis and they both had a pretty good set to kick things off and get the energy high.

Also, I should probably add that if you’re curious to see what some people do with a Bishop’s degree, then look no further than Bryan Lipscombe. He’s a former student and fellow Kingstonian who is now managing Justis. He was also the manager of The Gait for the first two years it was open and really got the ball rolling and got a few pretty good acts to make their way to the townships.

Anyways… enough of that sidebar.

The openers did a great job, and you can check them out on myspace at and
Then, Choclair, the main attraction, made his way to the stage and put on a killer set. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect, but he did an awesome job of getting the crowd into it and playing the right mix of classics, and new stuff.

He also came out wearing a Bishop’s basketball jersey, and made his way to the after party with the rest of the acts, which I thought was a pretty classy move. He clearly buys into the mentality of our small school.

The other important thing I should probably qualify is how I said the concerts here are a good time no matter who’s playing. I’ve noticed this over the years that no matter who the show is, it seems that most of our school just shows up and has a good time. When you mobilize that many Bishop’s students its bound to be a good time.

Also, if anyone’s curious, some of the other acts we’ve had here, they are: Shad K, Swollen Members, Mobile, Pocket Dwellers, DL Incognito, Northstar, Ill Scarlett, Wintersleep, The Trews, Matthew Good Band (he was the year before my time though) among others I can’t remember right now….

On the iTunes: Choclair – no explanation needed I hope.

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