Closing thoughts from The Canada Games

Hey guys!

Scott here, week 2 is coming to a close, which means the Canada Games is almost over!

I must say it’s a bittersweet feeling; on one hand, the chaotic environment a large event of this scale brings will not be missed neither will the very late nights and early mornings. However, the Games have been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Both Allison and I were unable to compete as athletes in the Games, but we can now saw that we have been a part of a Canada Games, which makes us both extremely proud.

The last week has allowed Allison and I to attend different venues and watch sports, which we are usually not accustomed to watching. Beach volleyball was very exciting and our home province of Ontario has made it to finals on both the men and women’s side! We also were able to catch some track and field; once again our home province of Ontario is dominating on the track too.

One thing that has really stood out for me is that the Canada Games competition also accommodates special needs participants. Seeing how much fun the Para-athletes are having and the countless people cheering them on embraces the true spirit of the Games.  Pin trading continues to be a highlight of the games as well as Allison and I have a small competition of our own brewing and so far it looks like I’m on top. Our goal was to collect a pin representing each province and territory and we’re close to having them all.

Allison and I have had the fortune of working with the best volunteers in the village these past two weeks and with this, have been able to get to know some truly incredible people from around Lennoxville that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise meet. It’s been a pleasure meeting so many friendly faces and sharing this great experience with them.

Until next time!




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