Cue the Barry White

The countdown is on lovebirds, just t-minus 4 days till you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. Yup, another year of roses, cheap chocolate, bubble baths and canoodling conveniently falling on a Saturday this year; making it a real weekend long event…great. Presumably all of Lennoxville’s fine dining establishments will be packed wall to wall with couples playing footsie, staring adoringly into one another’s eyes while the waitresses seek shelter from the l-bomb drop zone that has become their sections. This being my third year living above a “fleuriste”, let it be known that roses can’t grow fast enough for this encroaching holiday; but word to the not so wise, take note that roses are not the only flowers available and are often lesser favorites of the female community. Think lilies and tulips, but hey, it’s the gesture that counts right?


Now listen, if this blog up to this point has been triggering your gag reflex allow me to digress; you do not need to be a victim of cupid’s arrow to enjoy this highly resented frilly occasion. This is not Noah’s ark, you do not need a pair to survive this Saturday; trust me as a seasoned vet at solo V-days, relish in the fact that you can kick it with the girls/guys at home and not be suffering the discomforts of Victoria’s secret. Although, if you are a glass half full type, there is still roughly 96 hours left on the clock; that’s plenty of time to find a significant other! Should the manhunt not work out in your favor, fear not, there are always two men willing to take a girl out….Ben and Jerry, and you can find them in the freezer aisle. Also, single ladies I’m sure you can find comfort in knowing that Bishop’s will be hosting a hockey tournament all day Saturday, and that many disgruntled girlfriends will be spending their weekends shivering behind the Plexiglas at the arena as they watch their boyfriends skate by.


Please don’t let the guidance offered above mislead you, I love….love, and Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite of mine, especially in elementary school when you would pass out a class set of tenderly constructed homemade cards (yup, I have always been crafty). How could I be bitter? I have the best Valentine in the world…..that’s right, my mom has never forgotten to send a package. So please, do not let February 14th push you around, try to embrace it, I mean it’s only 24 hours! And honestly, who doesn’t love a little Barry White?

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