Cultural Diversity at BU

So far this semester, there have been some really great on-campus events. Particularly one event captured my attention: Diaspora Touch: Bishop’s Annual Culture Showcase. Being a part of the audience I was able to enjoy various types of dance, fashion, and song. There was some great talent and showcasing of culture from many countries and backgrounds such as Nigeria, Rwanda, China, Ukraine, India, Iran, and much much more! Opening up the Daily Dish or walking through the SUB on club day, I am always pleasantly surprised at how many cultures, religions and beliefs, etc. are represented and welcomed at such a small school.
In light of the proposed charter/ Bill 60, it was really great to see so many students, faculty, and locals come out to show their support of diversity. Bill 60 is a really hot topic in classes, politics, and frankly throughout Canada. CASA (Caribbean African Student Association) provided a safe and fun environment to celebrate the diversity at BU, and Canada at large.
The culture show was a great way to become educated about different cultures and show your support of multiculturalism and diversity. This event provided a perfect Segway into Research Week, which is being held all week (March 24th- 29th) on campus. This event promises to raise some interesting perspectives and opinions regarding the proposed charter and other thought-provoking topics. Stay tuned for an update on research week!
Raise a Toast to Diversity at BU!:)

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