Dans le Noir

With classes, SRC, and trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life, I’ve been falling behind with my blogging. I’m back! My sincere apologies for not writing more often. I know blog fans, my Mom, have been waiting anxiously for an update!

The problem is that with so many of my friends blogging, they’re snapping up all of the best topics.

Fashion Show? My front-row seat was the best gift a guy could ask for. Thanks Robyn, and congratulations!
Choclair? Blew the roof off the Gait, just as AP predicted.
Pinball Clemons? Inspiring…but old news.

Tonight, I think I’ve got a topic that is scoop-proof. For about a year, I’ve wanted to check out the Montreal restaurant O Noir . O Noir is a first in Canada, where patrons dine in TOTAL darkness. The staff are blind, as are the musicians playing soft jazz. Some of the profits from O Noir go to local organizations that help blind people find work – it’s a cool experience benefitting a great cause.

My friends Brad and Allison decided to make a trip to O Noir part of Allison’s birthday celebration, and were kind enough to invite fellow blogger Heather Moffatt and I along for the ride. Dressed to impress – I couldn’t convince anyone that, since we were all going to be in the dark, we could all wear sweatpants – we headed up to Montreal.

Arriving at the restaurant, we placed our order in the lobby. We were then instructed to turn off our cell phones and made our way into the darkness, lead by our blind waitress, Kim.

I’m not sure I can do justice to just how sudden and total the darkness was. I was totally disoriented during the seating. Unable to sense the size of the room or the placement of the chairs, I was at the mercy of our  incredibly patient waitress, who finally got me to my seat. Sitting down, we quickly realized it was nearly impossible to speak with anyone other than the person directly beside you. It was just too hard to figure out who was speaking to whom without being able to see!

Then came the meal itself. It’s embarassing to think about how long I chased lettuce around my plate, unable to actually get it on my fork without the use of my hands. Trying to taste the meal of the person beside me involved the most complicated fork-trade I’ve ever been involved in. All that aside, the meal was great. The filet mignon was fantastic, and my choice of the “surprise dessert” added a fun new element: Could I guess what my dessert was simply by taste?

(Answer: No. But it was something delicious involving chocolate)

Emerging from the dark after a few hours of sensory deprivation, I have to say that this is an experience I would highly recommend. Without being able to see, it was interesting how soon I began to rely on sounds and smells to compensate. It was a cool way to close out a great weekend, surrounded by friends and great food…in total darkness!

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