A Day in the Life of an RA

A Day in the Life of an RA

“Mack RA to Security”… “Security, Go Ahead”… “I’m ready for a radio pickup at your earliest convenience.” If you asked me in first year if this was how I was going to be ending some of my future nights, I probably would have laughed. However, after joining the Bishop’s Residence Life Team, this has become my reality. While nighttime duty is what a lot of people see as the main thing that RAs do, in reality, we do a lot more! A shirt I saw put what being an RA is into perfect words: “Resident Assistant: Because miracle worker isn’t a job title.” We really are Jacks-of-all-trades.

First off I am a professional event organizer, I get paid to throw parties. By parties, I mean events. I get to throw awesome events for my residents to come out to and have fun. I think two of my favorite events that I put on last semester were: a knitting night and a gourmet hot chocolate night. Duty is also another fun part of the job: when I walk around the building at scheduled intervals, I always get to stop and chat to the residents I see. Sometimes it even involves me playing a game of Mario Kart with a resident, which I lose fantastically at. Also, I have access to some awesome personal development opportunities. We have an amazing Residence Life staff team made up of individuals who are here to help us RAs grow and develop over the course of the year. One of my close friends on the RA team likes to refer to them as Rez Moms, which is so true. They are some of the most caring and supportive people you will ever meet. They go by title of Residence Life Coordinator, but once you get to know them it’s Brenna, Deb, or Steph.

Another huge part of the RA job that is more behind the scenes is the close friendships that you develop with members of the team. In my first year, I really was on the outside of any social circle. Sure I’d eat with people i12095094_10207157644836588_7623022202084697830_on the dining hall, but never really got invited out to do things. This past semester I think has been one of my most memorable times in school. I developed a really close-knit group of friends who I can talk to about anything. We all come from different programs and have different commitments, but share the common bond of being RAs. They really are my second family, and now, BU has never felt more like home.

These are just some of the highlights that every RA gets as part of the job. Sure the late nights on duty can be tough, but I always have 6 other RAs to chat with until I hand in my radio, and getting to be a role model and friend for new students makes it all worthwhile. There is certainly no “average” day for an RA!

RAs don’t just magically become these “miracle workers”. It takes a lot of training, preparation and hard work. A day in the life of an RA is what you make of it, and I sure am making the most of it!

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