Did Someone Say November?!?

Midterms have the snowball effect – once things start rolling, the momentum doesn’t stop and the ‘to do’ list seems to continue growing aggressively. We’re smack dab near the end of the semester folks! Meaning, the second wave of midterms has come/is here/is lurking closer than we want it to be. For classes with only two midterms, it’s great because it’s your last midterm until the final exam! Yet for classes with three midterms, it’s just another wave you have to negotiate as you paddle along in hopes that you don’t capsize.

Remember, part of the key to your success lies in ‘learning the balance’ throughout your time here at Bishop’s. In fact, even though we’ve known forever that it’s not just fun and games here, Bishop’s students’ are now being publicly being recognized for our excellent “work-play” balance as seen in the Globe and Mail Canadian University Report 2013. This new category was introduced in 2012. The ranking for Work-Play Balance measures how hard students work during the academic year taking into account their ability to continue to engage in social and cultural activities. As Bishop’s students, we are more than just students in the classroom taking on academics, becoming critical thinkers and discovering our leadership skills. We are students who know how to engage and get involved within the community and most of all to give back to an institution who has given us so much in return. But what else is Bishop’s truly known for, besides having the most satisfied students within our small Hogwarts-like university? Bishop’s excels with student-faculty interaction, campus atmosphere, class sizes and most of all quality of teaching! 
We’re near the end of the semester “it’s crunch time” folks! Prioritize, organize and power through it, we are all in this together.

If there’s one thing we know BU students are more than capable of doing, it’s getting the message out, loud
and clear, about what a great school we have and what an awesome undergrad experience we’re getting. Attend any sporting event or social and you can tell by the students proudly wearing purple from head to toe and singing the school song (and yes at times, other
more questionable cheers), that the Gaiters are a unique breed. Like many who have come before us, it’s clear that we love this place and we proudly tell people we chose Bishop’s

And on that note…off to study…

Gemma Gaiter


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