Education at Bishop’s

Education at Bishop's

Something I have learned this year more than in other years is how great my department is. I am really enjoying education and the classes and community that exist within the department as well.

Some things that Bishop’s has in terms of the elementary education program that other schools are missing is the in-class opportunities. My second week here at Bishop’s in first year I was in a classroom observing a teacher and her classroom. These in-class experiences that I have been able to take part in since the start of my program have been invaluable and it is something I know I am lucky to have.

In second year, we are teamed up with an associate teacher and are able to observe them and teach in their class over the course of the academic year. I again found this experience really amazing – I was able to observe and practice what I was learning at Bishop’s in real world situations. This is also when most students are able to figure out if teaching is really what they want to pursue. At the end second year we also have a professional interview. For me, this experience was great, as I got the opportunity to organize my work and present it in such a way to show off what I had learned, while at the same time realizing how much I still have to learn. The guidance and support I received in second year was something I found to be really helpful and reassuring.

Other things that the Bishop’s School of Education has to offer are gala nights and themed dinners. These give students the chance to meet people in the  department and eat dinner and socialize with profs and friends. And of course,  you get to eat some great food and have a really fun night!

This year I have been given two amazing opportunities through the education department. First of all, I was selected to go to a conference in Montreal for two days. The conference was on visible learning and there were 1000 student teachers, teachers and administrative teams in attendance. I learned a lot at this conference and again was able to see what I was learning at Bishop’s in real-life situations. The peers that I traveled with were in the same boat as me and it was great to discuss what we were learning with them as well.

The next experience I have been given this year is to travel to Malawi this spring. I will be going for 5 weeks in June to help develop a campus and school system for the community in Malawi. This is a project that many schools can participate in and I am very excited to meet new people and hopefully learn a lot and make a difference. I cannot wait!

Later Gaiters!



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