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Hey Bishop’s,

Kate here. This post is going to be all about the elementary education program here at BU. I am currently in my second year at Bishop’s and I am an out of province student.

I chose to study at Bishop’s for many reasons, but for me one of the main reasons is because of the concurrent education program here. Bishop’s is known to have an awesome education program and I can tell you that it is true. One of the biggest reasons why is because of the practicum (in class) experience.

In your very first month of school you are already heading into a classroom. During first year you head to the local elementary school every other friday and get to observe a class each time for a half day. You get to see many different teachers in action.

In second year you are teamed up with an Associate Teacher in one of the schools in the eastern townships. You go into a classroom for a half day once a week. Here you observe, teach lessons, discuss and get feedback from your Associate teacher and get to fully be a pre-service teacher. My Associate Teacher and I are a great team. You are also teamed up with a Supervisor, they come in a watch you teach a few lessons and give you some feedback as well. They say second year is when students really figure out if teaching is right for them simply because of all the in class time we have.

If you are from out of province your third year is for taking all sorts of interesting classes, in and out of the education field. My third year will be used to help me complete a minor in french as a second language.

If you are from quebec your third year is the same as a out of province fourth year. Here is when you go into a school everyday for a semester. You get to design a unit and teach 80% of your time there. What a unique opportunity that can only be beneficial?

Here is the link to the types of courses us education students have to take, http://www.ubishops.ca/fileadmin/bishops_documents/school_of_education/files/Elementary-form-2013.pdf

Once you have completed your B.A Major in educational studies, you can continue on into your B. Ed. in Elementary education. Where you are in and out of the classroom and in classes.

Not only is the in class experience so unique I really feel like the elementary education program is like a little family. There are events that go on each semester to bond with your peers. All the class sizes are small and every teacher is there to share and create beneficial discussions. I could not be happier with my choice to be at BU! Elementary Education is truly my passion and I am confident BU has given me all the resources I need to become the best teacher I can be.

Kate 🙂

Here are some more specifics about the elementary education program here at BU.


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