Exchanges and life after the undergrad: What do you think?

I don’t mean to sound like every other student out there, but here it goes: why is my undergrad going by so quickly? It’s my second week of the winter semester and I can hardly believe I’m almost halfway done. No wonder people go to grad school. Shout out to all of our wonderful alum: what would you recommend doing after your undergrad?

Some people have suggested traveling, which sounds nice. Except that I will probably be a littttle too in debt for that. I guess that’s what exchanges are for! I am currently going through the exchange process. I’m headed to the bustling metropolis of Regina, SK. My goal is to gain employment in the homeland when I’ve completed my undergrad so I am looking forward to taking classes at home. There are a TON of Sociology classes to pick from. I’m particularly interested in Sociology of Disaster.

For those who are a little more adventurous, there are a ton of other options. I’ve written about the exchange program before ( From what I have heard, it is an amazing experience. Bishop’s is the perfect place if you’re interested in going on an exchange. We have a variety of partnerships to suite your needs. Being at a smaller school, you won’t have to climb over people in order to be accepted for the exchange.

Some things to note:
1.) Doing an exchange is a great way to expand your world view (new surroundings, language, people, and educational experience)
2.) You pay your Bishop’s tuition in the normal manner
3.) Any student with a cumulative GPA of 70% who has completed 30 credits in a degree program at Bishop’s is eligible to apply
4.) You can pick up an application from Lillian Rogerson (McGreer Hall, 2nd floor, beside admissions)
5.) The deadline is FEBRUARY 15.

Anywho, I am currently on the letter of intent part of my application. After writing and rewriting the first sentence about thirteen times I’ve decided a break is in order. My breaks include reading novels. I selected some very reading-intensive courses this semester. Bad idea? Maybe if you hate reading. Not me, folks. I am in a love/hate relationship with this semester. While staying up until 2 am to finish a book is nice, waking up early for class is not. My course load includes three sociology courses and two journalism courses. I can’t wait to get back into my groove.

If you went on exchange, are on exchange, have thought about exchange or just want to chat, post a comment or send me an e-mail (

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