From lessons to Mountains – BU in the winter.

Now that the semester is well underway, it’s hit me that WOW real life is right around the corner!


I may have 1 year left until I’m done at BU, but I still get to graduate this semester. One of the perks of being a B.Ed student means that I apply to school twice, convocate twice, spend twice as many hours reflecting on my classes and then tying it all up with a career at the end of 4 years! I’ve started getting those butterflies in my stomach just thinking about teaching grades 9-11 in a few short weeks.


I couldn’t be more excited to be back in class, knowing that I get to pass on my experiences and knowledge to future generations. Hopefully students will pay attention, listen, and eventually learn something from what I’ll have to say. I’ve got to go Teacher Clothes shopping!!


Enough of my own worries here…


Winter at Bishop’s is a fantastic time. There are a ton of ski hills within a short driving distance and everyone seems to be able to find carpooling buddies. I’ve already hit the slopes a couple of times up at Owl’s Head. It’s a beautiful, small mountain in Mansonville QC where not many people seem to go. This means that the powder gets left for us who do show up! I had a great time getting back into skiing after not hitting the trails for a good 5-6 years. For those who have never skied before, Bishop’s is the place to be! In a valley, surrounded by mountains and people who care to help, everyone can learn to get down the mountain one way or another.


I’m looking forward to my next weekend on the slopes. Until then, I have an awesome Snow Night coming up this Friday in residence where we’ll be doing night time fort building, snowball fights and some good old sledding down the hills. Who can resist playing in the snow?


Hopefully our recent bout of -20 degree weather will warm slightly to give the snow that perfect texture for compacting into snowballs/snowmen/snow angels.


I’ll let you know how it goes!


Later Gaiters,



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